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Fox News Hearts Democrats Who Heart Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Reported by Guest Blogger - July 16, 2010 -

By Brian

On yesterday’s (7/15/10) Your World, Neil Cavuto interviewed a Democrat he liked: one who acts like a Republican. Rep. Michael McMahon (D-NY) spoke about keeping the Bush tax cuts for all, even the rich.

McMahon spoke about the big tent of the Democratic party. "It's the people's tent. I'm in the tent, but I'm a little bit on the right side. This is not a good time to be raising taxes at any level. We need to grow our economy. We are just barely starting to come out of this recession. We're starting to see some of those so-called green shoots, new claims for unemployment down today, with the financial reform package being passed today in the Senate, there will be confidence back in the markets… You can't be raising taxes or implementing new taxes that will slow things down."

Cavuto asked, "Would there be a time when you would contemplate it (higher taxes on the rich)?"

Michael "The definition that they use in Washington of the rich is very disturbing. Where I come from in New York City, you could have a fire lieutenant married to a teacher. They make close to $250,000. They're living from paycheck to paycheck. They're paying state taxes, city taxes, mortgages, an MTA tax, it's a difficult struggle."

Comment: A quarter million dollar a year joint income is a struggle? Most people only dream of “struggling” on that much money.

Sounding even more like a Republican, McMahon said that if the Bush tax cuts expire, "You take initiative and entrepreneurship out of the economy. Someone who could be looking at their income getting close to $250,000 may not work the overtime, may not invest in a small business."

Update: McMahon's numbes simply don't add up. Our reader Chris H. did some research and found out that the maximum a NYC teacher could earn is about $100,000 a year. The absolute maximum a lieutenant in the FDNY can make is about $126,000. That figure include overtime and fringe benefits.

Chris also found out that the median annual income in the richest zip code in Manhattan was $188,697 in 2005. So $250,000 a year is hardly "struggling," even in New York.

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