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Bill O’Reilly Spreads Homophobic Lies Regarding Proposed Montana Curriculum

Reported by Priscilla - July 15, 2010 -

In addition to abortion and contraception, the American Christian right is also opposed to sex education – particularly those curriculums that treat same sex relationships in an age appropriate and dignified manner. These folks, who would prefer that homosexuality be taught as a Satanic "abomination", are now incensed about a proposed Montana curriculum that introduces students to same sex relationships, in an age appropriate manner, starting with first grade. As a result of intense lobbying by conservative groups, representatives of which have appeared on Fox, there is a great deal of misinformation being spread about this curriculum. Not surprisingly, Bill O’Reilly, who has problems with gays being “clustered" at sporting events let alone dealing with homosexuality in sex-ed classes, tackled this issue on last night’s “Culture Warrior” segment. Not surprisingly, Bill O’Reilly, whose homophobia (here and here) is part of his "Christian" family values, used the discussion to spread the homophobic lies which are being used by those who oppose this curriculum and thus further the climate of hostility towards those who advocate for diversity and tolerance. When Bill attacked the Boulder school department, about a lecture which dealt with sex and drug issues for high school students, school personnel received harassing communications which included death threats. One hopes that the Helena school department won’t be getting the same treatment from Bill’s fellow family values crowd!

Bill immediately launched into propaganda mode with a comment that was straight out of the playbook by those who oppose the curriculum. His backdrop – “sex ed controversy.” Bill then told his first lie. In describing the “controversy,” he claimed that the school department "wants to teach little public school kids about homosexuality in Kindergarten." Fact Check – the Kindergarten curriculum says nothing about same sex relationships. He noted that nothing was decided after a public forum about this; “but that the controversy could come to a head, later this summer.” He wanted to know “why Montana.” (Why not?) Bill repeated the lie whilst doing a bit of “projection” by saying that “any clear thinking person would say that Kindergarten kids should not be interrupted in their childhood with homosexual reference or people have sex differently. This is insane and the pinheads who want it are destructive and that 99% of my audience agrees with that.” Fact Check – the behavioral objective for Grade 1 says “Understand human beings can love people of the same gender & people of another gender" along with other things like being taught that actions have consequences. They are also taught that they learn most of their values from family and church (Grade 2). Bill told Margaret Hoover that he couldn’t understand why this was happening in the “traditional, rural” American West. In mounting a not so subtle attack on the Helena, Montana educational community he said that “education…attracts liberal minded people, this stuff comes from the school boards, the Superintendent, they want to indoctrinate children, their reason is they don’t want bullying, they want tolerance” (and that’s a problem how?”) He lied again when he said “you take a five year old who just wants to play and all of a sudden Heather has two mommies or Gary has 18 daddies, I don’t know what it is.”

Gretchen Carlson, uber Christian culture warrior whose affirmation of Bill's homophobia might indicate that she has a problem with teh gay (she won't let her kids hear "I Kissed A Girl" on the car radio), said that she didn’t know if it’s indoctrinating but "it’s also playing to the minority of the population…" (Got stats, Gretch?) She referenced that schools “see fit” to play a role when parents fail to do so. She mentioned that she used to joke about how, if the East Coast got “too weird to raise kids,” she and hubbie would move to Montana but “not anymore.” (Somehow I don’t think Gretch will be leaving her wealthy southwestern CT. enclave any time soon.) She mentioned that she interviewed some of the families on Fox & Friends and they are “appalled.” (Guess she didn’t interview any of the supporters.) Bill claimed that “the folks are angry, it’s not going to happened and even if it does, they’ll be an opt out…” Gretch said that she’s concerned that “this is a push of extreme values on the mainstream” and "if it happens in Helena Montana where will we see it next?” (Be afraid, be very afraid!) Gretch’s facial expression was a great example of the phrase “if looks could kill…”

Comment: I really don’t know how Bill O’Reilly and Fox “News” can claim that they represent American patriotism because this line of crap (and crap it is) just serves to further divide Americans by vilifying those who don’t adhere to a conservative point of view. Rather than promoting tolerance and diversity, this type of “opinion” journalism serves to create a climate of hate which is very damaging to our society. But Bill doesn’t care. Again, there is no mention of same sex relationships in Kindergarten. Will Bill correct his mistake? Don’t hold your breath!

For those of you who do care, particularly those of you in Montana who support this curriculum, you might want to let Fox know about this.

Fox News phone: 1-888-369-4762
Fox News e-mail: yourcomments@foxnews.com,
Bill O’Reilly e-mail: oreilly@foxnews.com

Montana Curriculum Proposals – K through 12. I would recommend that Bill read it so he can provide accurate information for his audience.