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An Otherwise Excellent Democrat Blows The Message On Fox News' NAACP Race Baiting

Reported by Ellen - July 15, 2010 -

I’m a fan of Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. In fact, he’s a News Hounds Top Dog. But in my opinion, despite making an excellent presentation of the facts, he completely blew his appearance on The O’Reilly Factor last night (7/14/10) by completely overlooking the elephant in the studio – namely, Fox News’ race baiting agenda.

We’re now in Week Three of Fox News’ “Scary Black Man” summer which I argue is a deliberate attempt to turn President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder into this year’s ACORN, just in time to fear monger about voter fraud in the 2010 election.

Bill O’Reilly made “racism in the NAACP” the top story of his show last night and the subject of his Talking Points Memo. Let’s say he’s right (which I’d vehemently dispute). But let’s say he is. How is this the top story of the day unless you’re looking to race bait? O’Reilly could have discussed the big developments in the BP oil spill disaster, the GOP blocking unemployment benefits, financial reform, or any number of other important subjects. But racism in the NAACP? When was the last time anyone on Fox News cared about what the NAACP did?

Predictably, O’Reilly used the NAACP story to race bait about the New Black Panther Party, as well, attacking the NAACP for not condemning the NBPP for their racist statements. “We didn’t hear a word about the New Black Panther Party from the NAACP,” O’Reilly reprimanded. “So a case could be made the NAACP is colorblind on racism. If blacks are the perpetrators, they ignore it.”

So has O’Reilly condemned frequent Fox News guest, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, for his disgusting, racial attacks right there on Fox News for the last several years? Just asking.

Unfortunately, Hill did not. Hill did a fine job challenging O’Reilly on the facts and the details of the “controversy” but in not reframing the “Is the NAACP racist?” meme (which had the obvious subtext of suggesting that mainstream African Americans are racist), Hill allowed the question to hang in the air. As a frequent guest on Fox, Hill must surely know that Fox’s frequent use of “just asking” these kinds of questions, is a pretense for suggesting the “answer.” And he ought to know Fox News’ dismal record on race baiting, especially in the last few weeks. But in not challenging the premise of the “debate” on Fox, Hill gave it undeserved credibility.

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