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Megyn Kelly Gets Kudos From Right Wing Media For “Spanking” Kirsten Powers

Reported by Priscilla - July 14, 2010 -

Lest there be any doubt about the nature of Megyn Kelly’s fan base, which just might indicate that Fox just might not be “fair & balanced,” one has only to see the accolades pouring in from right wing sites after Megyn Kelly’s recent verbal exchange with Fox News contributor and NY Post writer, Kirsten Powers. Kelly insulted Powers and did an “I’ll cut your mik" thing because Powers tried to cut the buzz of Megyn’s relentless race baiting in support of right wing J Christian Adams allegations of racial bias by evil black people in the Department of Justice who, according to the right wing narrative, gave the Black Panthers a “free pass” on a voter intimidation case. Funny, I don’t recall Kelly getting this upset when the Bush administration dropped a similar case against white members of the “Minutemen” militia group, so go figure. Anyway, Kelly has now reached superhero status amongst the usual right wing suspects. I know “correlation doesn’t imply causation,” yadda, yadda; but the sources for these hosannas do seem to show that Fox’s contention, that their daytime shows are real “news,” is as vapid and hollow as their contention that they are “fair & balanced.” One suspects that as right wing boys, all over right wing America, are gazing at their poster of Megyn Kelly, they are bubbling over with excitement!

Andrew Breitbart’s website, “Big Journalism,” has this headline: DOJ Discrimination Scandal: Megyn Kelly Schools Liberal Pundit.” Another site, “Fire Andrea Mitchell, Stop the Leftist Propaganda Machine” claims that “Megyn Kelly Destroys Liberal Mouthpiece Kirsten Powers As Kirsten Powers Defends The New Black Panthers.” (ewww, scary black men). “American Power” (oh, don’t ya love that right wing machismo!) says “Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Kirsten Powers.” And that paragon of true white American manly patriotism, “Free Republic” has this thread: “Megyn Kelly DESTROYS Kirsten Powers On New Black Panther Case.” “Gateway Pundit,” a source used by Fox homophobes in their attacks on Obama Education Czar Kevin Jennings, claims that “Megyn Kelly Destroys Far Left Crank Kirsten Powers.” America’s favorite “anchor baby,” Fox fave, and defender of all things white and beautiful, Michelle Malkin was a little more subdued with “ ‘Have Your Facts:’ Megyn Kelly Vs. Kirsten Powers on NBBP Thug Case.” But Malkin had other more incendiary headlines such as “Whitewashing Black Racism, Shabazz, ‘Prepare For War’.” (ewww, scary black man).

But the best headlines come from a couple of manly right wing men who might not be thinking with their “big heads” if you catch my drift. “Ace of Spades,” not a slave to silly political correctness, has the fantasy laden headline: “Megyn Kelly-Kirsten Powers Cat Fight!” His video is titled “God I Love Megyn Kelly.” (Simmer down, laddie). But my favorite is from “Red State.” One certainly wonders if Aaron Gardner shares Bill O’Reilly’s penchant for kinky voyeurism as his headline “Megyn Kelly Spanks Kirsten Powers” is certainly – ah – redolent of certain male fantasies and perhaps, like O’Reilly, some sexual repression “issues.” One hopes that he’s not into “diapers” a la GOP “family values” Senator David Vitter. Hmmm, was Gardner one of those young Republicans who were treated to a free lesbian bondage show courtesy of GOP chairman Michael Steele!?

Comment: Oh, Megyn, can you feel the love (but strictly chaste and very heterosexual)? With friends like these who needs friends! But, once again, it does show your deep commitment to respectful discourse, tolerance of other views, and above all a true dedication to the Fox News motto of “Real Journalism, Fair & Balanced!” God I love Megyn Kelly ;)