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Hannity’s Bigoted Double Standard For Racism Accusations: Tea Party vs. NAACP, DOJ And Black Panthers

Reported by Ellen - July 14, 2010 -

Add the NAACP to another group of African Americans that Fox News is painting as racists in order to play the race card against President Obama, themselves. Sean Hannity, who seems to take particular enjoyment out of tarring blacks this way, was one of several Fox News hosts yesterday to have a hissy fit over the organization accusing Tea Partiers of racism. Hannity, and his stacked-to-agree-with-him panel were up in arms about “unverified” claims by the NAACP about racial epithets made by Tea Partiers. In fact, the claims of racial epithets were made by members of the Congressional Black Caucus who said they heard them. But hypocritical Hannity had no such concerns about verification when a GOP activist leveled second-hand accusations against the Obama Department of Justice to paint them as racists. Even more hypocritically, one of the panelists to echo Hannity discuss the NAACP was none other than Andrew Breitbart who has previously baselessly accused - on Hannity, no less - the members of Congress of provoking the Tea Party attacks and whose own inflammatory attacks against ACORN have been largely discredited. Not that you’d know that from watching Hannity.

Hannity began by noting that the NAACP had passed a resolution condemning “elements” of the Tea Party movement, “The document also claims that Tea P arty members hurled racial epithets at African American member of Congress. Now those incidents have gone unsubstantiated but that did not stop the NAACP from passing its resolution just a short time ago.”

On hand to attack discuss the NAACP was Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart’s anti-ACORN videos have been repeatedly denounced by investigations and he has never explained the falsehoods about them that he previously put forth - also on Hannity. But making sure that his audience got the truth about the largely minority-centered ACORN was not on Hannity’s agenda. Making sure his audience got attacks against the NAACP was.

Noting that Breitbart has offered $100,000 to anyone who can substantiate the CBC's claims, Hannity put up a new video by Breitbart purportedly showing that no racial epithets had been hurled.

Also on hand was Michael Meyers, another Fox News African American whose main role on Fox seems to be a willingness to suggest other African Americans are racist. Meyers wasted no time getting right to it. “The NAACP is a 101-year old organization and it’s showing signs of Alzheimer’s,” Meyers began. “Anybody white who disagrees to the NAACP is a racist. Anybody black who disagrees with the NAACP is pilloried and with racial calumny. They’re Uncle Tom or they are a Negro. This is a sign of brain death.” He went on to accuse the NAACP of wanting to push the country to “the pre Civil Rights era.”

Hannity, who had just complained that calling someone else a racist is the worst accusation one can make not only didn't mind Meyers suggesting that the NAACP is racist, Hannity proceeded to deliberately tie in President Obama for the express purpose of suggesting he's a black racist. Hannity cited the NAACP’s description of Tea Party racism and then “asked," “Would that standard apply to Barack Obama in this sense? Sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s church. Would that apply to them? Are they gonna condemn The New Black Panther Party for standing in front of a polling place, hurling racial epithets?”

Hannity went on to attack Michelle Obama for having spoken at the NAACP. “I’ve been watching this New Black Panther Party case… I haven’t heard any Democrats talk about the New Black Panther Party standing outside the polling place.”

Meyers also said, “The NAACP is now a political arm of the White House. Al Sharpton and the NAACP are in the White House so often, they ought to have rooms.”

So did Hannity want substantiation for those claims? Heck no.

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