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Fox & Friends & Todd Starnes Do “The Scary Black Man Thing”

Reported by Priscilla - July 14, 2010 -

In her discussion about the Black Panther case, Kirsten Powers accused Megyn Kelly, who is pushing allegations of black on white racism at the Department of Justice, of “doing the scary black man thing.” The “scary black man” meme is quite popular at Fox “News” especially among the “opinion” types like Fox’s resident bloviators Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly – who was just stunned and amazed that African Americans use cutlery and don’t yell obscenities at wait staff. So it wasn’t surprising to see Fox & Friends, a not exactly diverse group, do “the scary black man thing” with fellow Fox culture warrior, Todd Starnes. *Starnes reads news on Fox Radio. His articles on Fox “News” and his own website are frequently sourced on “Fox Nation,” a Fox media site which is full of angry conservatives who hate anybody who isn’t white, Christian, conservative, and straight. He also makes appearances on Fox “News” opinion shows whenever they want opinion from the fringe. Given Starnes' Christian right wing orientation (he's concerned that a high school in CT has "censored" “year of our lord” on their diplomas. If he isn't concerned, why would he write an article about something that only right wing Christians care about!? ) He is a member, in good standing, of Fox’s culture club – hence, his appearance on Fox & Friends, a show dedicated to the kind of “real” Americans who post on Fox Nation. So in addition to Starnes' homophobia (he thinks California schools indoctrinate kids with the dreaded “gay agenda"), he is now part of the chorus line of those doing “the scary black man thing.”

Last week (July 8th) the morning chums were rapping about things that upset them. Not surprisingly, Starnes, who “researches” important information on things that upset right wingers, was able to provide some important information on a NY convict who is being released by a NY State parole board. Oh, BTW, the man is black; but you probably already guessed that! Kilmeade informed the audience about how this “cop killer” is being released and, with his voice rising and a look of total disgust on his face, said “but he’s going to be getting out.” Todd, informed the chums that Shuaib A. Raheem, is out and that, being obviously scared of black men, he called the State Department of Parole because – ready for it –I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t living in MY neighborhood.” (Weell, Todsy, he might not want to live in your neighborhood!) If the audience wasn’t scared enough, Starnes said that he “was sure that [Raheem] is living somewhere in Manhatten right now” (hope he can afford the rent!) “and he is free to walk the streets.” Agitprop Chyron: “Cold Blooded Killer, Raheem Killed Officer Stephen Gilroy in 1973.” Starnes added that it was a 2 to 1 vote “and we understand from the Department of Parole that the two individuals who voted to let this cop killer out are actually retiring. As a result, this guy is out on the street, he is living somewhere in Manhatten. We understand that he has to check in once a week with his parole officer; but other than that, he’s a free man.” Former weather guy, Steve Doocy said that it “kinda reminded us of the Zazi case. There’s a story out today that Zazi, the alleged terrorist, could end up in the witness protection program.” Well golly gosh, gee whiz, I sure am scared.

Comment: Good Lord. Where to begin? First, in what kind of twisted universe is the retirement of parole board members connected to their decisions? I guess in Todd Starnes whacky world of strange and specious connections! Naturally, in his attempt to scare ya, Starnes didn’t note that Raheem’s prison disciplinary record has been clean since October of 1999, he has been in a program which works with young people, and he has attained multiple college degrees. But does Todd call the parole board about every murderer who is being released? This man murdered a cop, which is a heinous act, but there are other paroled murderers who might have killed their wives or children. Is Todd concerned about them? And as far as being similar to the Zazi case, excuse me, but Zazi’s possible entry into witness protection would be based on his providing “critical information” on terror groups. Zazi and Raheem – not even close - but then we’re talking about the twisted universe where Steve Doocy lives – a place where “doing the scary black man thing” seems to be quite the trend!


*Correction - I was reminded, by Fox's #1 fan, that Starnes does not have his own show. This was a mistake on my part - not a deliberate lie as lil "Johnny" would have you believe.