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Megyn Kelly Loses It when Challanged About DOJ And New Black Panther Party Case

Reported by Ellen - July 13, 2010 -

Lest there be any doubt that “objective” news host Megyn Kelly is extremely biased, watch her throw a bitchy temper tantrum when her Democratic guest, Kirsten Powers, challenges Kelly’s hyping interpretation that the Obama Justice Department’s dismissal of a case against the New Black Panther Party and a few of its members signifies a policy not to prosecute any black people for voter intimidation. Kelly not only had a very unbecoming hissy fit in which, instead of debating Powers, she attacked her, but Kelly destroyed any last shred of her own credibility as someone “fair and balanced.”

Kelly obviously thought she had a two-for-one in this segment that began by showing a town hall in which a group of Fox News watchers (I’ll wager they came from Breitbart) obviously had staged and recorded a confrontation with Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman over the DOJ case. Not only did Kelly get the chance to demonize Sherman, she had the opportunity to hype her faux New Black Panther Party controversy yet again.

“Oh, Congressman Sherman,” Kelly began sarcastically, right there tossing aside her veneer of objectivity.

Kelly started out the discussion talking to Republican guest Andrea Tantaros who, predictably, accused the Obama administration of “basing race on how they apply the law.” No pushback from Kelly there! Kelly quietly allowed Tantaros to speak and even agreed with her interpretation that the media had been biased in not attacking the Obama administration the way Fox and their GOP-activist “whistleblower” have been covering the story. I wonder if Kelly and Tantaros had a word with Chris Wallace about his failure to ask Obama advisor David Axelrod about it last week during their lengthy interview?

Kelly's treatment of Tantaros was a complete contrast to the treatment of Powers. I’ve been very critical of Powers in the past but she deserves a standing ovation for not just arguing the other side of the story but challenging Kelly’s and Fox News’ race baiting under cover of "just reporting." Powers said, “The (New Black Panther Party Member) wasn’t really intimidating people (at the poll). They were walking past him and voting,” Powers said, pointing out one big flaw in the GOP meme: No voters have stepped forward to say they were intimidated.

Kelly interrupted right there to say, “You don’t seem to know what you’re talking about.”

But, actually, she did. To quote Main Justice which, unlike Kelly, has done some real reporting on this case, “No voters at all in the Philadelphia precinct have come forward to allege intimidation. The complaints have come from white Republican poll watchers, who have given no evidence they were registered to vote in the majority black precinct. “ It’s a detail that Kelly never seems to bring up.

Kelly became even more snotty and insulting and interruptive, repeating her unprofessional accusation, “You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.” Mind you, Powers is no liberal off the street. She's a Fox News contributor and colleague of Kelly’s. She’s presumed to have a respectable and credible point of view. There's simply no excuse for Kelly to talk to Powers that way.

But it got worse.

Kelly started yelling at Powers and refusing to allow her to talk. And then, as Powers continued trying to speak, Kelly laughably screamed, “Don’t talk over me!”

“I’m actually challenging you on what you’re saying and you won’t let me talk,” Powers correctly pointed out. It's worth noting that she remained calm and professional throughout. “You just want people to come on and just agree with you… the way you’ve been completely, like, doing the “scary black man” thing. This guy was one person. There was an injunction against him. The injunction was enforced. The Civil Rights Division decided that there wasn’t a case to pursue against anyone else. That’s completely on the up and up. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

What’s wrong with that is that it didn’t comport with Kelly’s race-baiting agenda. Shaking her head, Kelly said disdainfully, “Are you like Congressman Sherman? Do you know anything about this case?’”

Further validating the claims of J. Christian Adams, a GOP activist Kelly calls a “whistleblower,” Kelly demanded, “Do you dismiss his allegation that that case was dismissed not because of legal reasons but because of a policy at the Department of Justice that they will not pursue cases in the voting rights section where the defendant is black and the victim is white?”

Yes, Powers did dismiss the allegations. And she’s not the only one. As Kelly surely knows, conservative Angela Thernstrom, an expert in voting rights, said the case has no significance. “I think you’ve got a conservative activist posing as a whistleblower,” Powers said, adding that she found it “absolutely shocking” that this case is getting the kind of attention it’s getting. She didn’t say so, but she obviously meant “on Fox News.”

As Powers continued to talk, Kelly barked, “Don’t make me cut your mike!”

I’ll say it now and I’ll say it unless and until she comes out and apologizes for acting as a race-baiting shill for the GOP, Megyn Kelly should be fired. As for Powers, I award her Best in Show. Not just for standing up to Kelly but for confronting the race-baiting agenda of her employer. She should not be the only one.

You can contact the show at Kelly@foxnews.com. You can contact Kirsten Powers at kirstenpowers@aol.com.

Video via Mediaite.

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