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Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano Is “Going Rogue?”

Reported by Priscilla - July 13, 2010 -

As pointed out by Jon Stewart, Fox “News” senior judicial analyst, retired Judge Andrew Napolitano, doesn’t seem to be towing the “party” line. What, what?! In a satirical montage about the right wing reaction to Arizona’s new immigration law, Stewart asked if Fox “News” anchor, Megyn Kelly, would bring in Napolitano “to smack down Obama.” He played a video clip of Kelly asking if the Obama administration “ginned up racial tensions over an issue that they apparently think has no legal merit?” (Hey Megyn, have you been ginning up racial tensions with your not so "fair & balanced" coverage of the Black Panther case?) Stewart “wondered” what her anti-immigrant guest, Lou Dobbs, would say and then asked why she didn’t consult Napolitano as racial tensions “have nothing to do with it.” He then played a video clip of the judge, on the Fox business network, stating that the law is unconstitutional and that it encourages racial profiling. What, what?! And now Napolitano is saying that Bush and Cheney “should have been indicted” for torture. What, what?! Has Napolitano been taken over by an evil librul spirit or is this Napolitano really an evil librul shapeshifter? What would prompt an otherwise “reliable right wing source” to speak this heretical blasphemy? Is Andrew Napolitano going rogue?


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