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Earth To Glenn Beck: There Have Been Numerous Investigations Into ACORN And Each One Cleared The Organization Of Wrongdoing

Reported by Ellen - July 13, 2010 -

Now that race-baiting has become Topic #1 on Fox News lately, it’s not surprising that Glenn Beck should be having a field day. I can’t go into every disgusting racist insinuation he made on his show yesterday (the video after the jump has a darned good sample, though). But in addition to his own special brand of race-baiting, Beck added blatant untruths, this time suggesting that no investigations were made into ACORN because of President Obama’s racial politics.

With his serious face, Beck mused yesterday (7/12/10) about the lack of interest in the Obama administration in the New Black Panther case. That’s the same case that Fox News’ own Chris Wallace showed no interest in the day before when he interviewed Senior White House Advisor David Axelrod. But Beck said, in his hushed, intimate voice, “There’s no interest in the press about this case, a case that shouldn’t have been dropped in the first place.”

“Today, I’m going to look at the priorities of the president,” Beck continued. “because actions speak louder than words.”

Beck went to his blackboard where he could look professorial as he lectured us about Obama’s actions. On the list, just above Van Jones, was ACORN. I've been saying for a while now that the whole Black Panther "controversy" is an effort to make President Obama and the DOJ the new ACORN.

“We have been covering ACORN forever,” Beck said. He added that the FBI field office opened an investigation into ACORN in January, 2009. “Two months later?... they closed shop, dropped the investigation. It has been 477 days now. Despite new documents, the videos that you saw on Fox News, no new investigations into ACORN.”

No new investigations? How about the one conducted by the GAO that just recently exonerated ACORN? Or how about the one conducted by the Congressional Research Service that found ACORN broke no laws in the past five years? Or what about the investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney which not only cleared ACORN by found that those videos Beck boasted about had been edited to meet the anti-ACORN agenda of the videographers? There was also the independent investigation by the former attorney general of Massachusetts that ACORN commissioned that while critical of the organization, found no legal wrongoing. California's attorney general conducted an investigation, too, and yep, you guessed it - no criminal acts were found.

Maybe that's not enough investigating for Beck. But I think that wasting taxpayer money on this previous Fox-News-generated, trumped-up controversy would be criminal.

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