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Beck Wants You To Be His Personal Joseph McCarthy And Monitor Websites For Revolutionary Activity

Reported by Ellen - July 13, 2010 -

Remember the Glenn Beck Snitch Line? I never heard about any real “refounding” coming about as a result of that little McCarthyite program. But now Beck has a new assignment for all the Joseph McCarthy wannabes in his audience. You see, multimillionaire Beck says he doesn’t have the staff to monitor websites for radicals the way he’d like. So he wants YOU to do the job for him. For free. So he can “get the word out.”

Yesterday (7/12/10), near the end of one of Beck’s more poisonous, racist rants, Beck announced, “Here’s the problem with radicals. They mean what they say… When they say ‘revolution,’ they mean revolution.”

Beck went on to say that if he were president, he’d “infiltrate” these groups with the FBI. But, he added, “Unfortunately, the people that we should infiltrate, have infiltrated our government. They haven’t infiltrated, they’re in our government, all over our government and may be inside the DOJ.”

Beck was using his, soft, intimate, sincere voice as he continued, “May I ask, will you do the job that Eric Holder should be doing? Will you go to these websites, will you monitor them? I don’t have a big enough staff. Will you please monitor them? Will you please look for the things that they’re doing so we can get the word out? Email them to Becktips@foxnews.com or just look me up on Twitter and tweet anything that you find with the links. But please, burn everything you find on a DVD befoe you send it because they have a way of scrubbing some of these things. We need to do this because nobody else will.”

I'm sure "radicals" all over the world are trembling at their keyboards at the thought of Beck's minions offering them up to "FBI" Beck.

The discussion begins at about the 16:15 mark in the video below.

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