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Bill Hemmer’s Fox “News” Show Isn’t “Fair & Balanced?”

Reported by Priscilla - July 12, 2010 -

In his satirical smack down of the hypocrisy of Fox “News,” Jon Stewart gave us Megyn Kelly as an example of the contradiction between Fox “News” statement regarding their “news” content and the actual right wing spin. As he pointed out, Fox “News,” as reported in the reviled by Bill O’Reilly NY Times, stated that its daytime programming is “objective.” Michael Clemente, Fox’s Senior Vice President for News, used the analogy of the difference between the news and opinion section of a newspaper to describe the daytime “news” and other “opinion” shows on a network that doesn’t differentiate between both categories in its “fair & balanced” slogan. In other words Fox doesn’t say that “we’re fair and balanced except for our opinion shows.” As News Hounds continually reports, the opinion shows at Fox are straight out of the RNC playbook and the pulpits of the Christian right; so Clemente was right about their content. He’s wrong about the “objectivity” of Fox’s so called “news.” And, it’s not just News Hounds, Jon Stewart, and other evil librul sites which have shown how the right wing agitprop is part of the official Fox “news” programming. The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz, who has defended Fox News, says, in his profile of Hemmer in the WAPO, that the guests and content on Bill Hemmer’s Fox “news” show “tilt markedly to the right.” Well, fancy that!

In his profile of Bill Hemmer, Kurtz says “As the co-anchor of "America's Newsroom," Hemmer is supposed to kick off the straight-news stretch of Fox's daytime schedule at 9 a.m. But the bookings on the two-hour program, and sometimes the story selection, tilt markedly to the right.” He then provides us with a specific recent *example. Kurtz also gives us an insight into Hemmer’s political views which seem to dovetail nicely with Fox “News.” He uses, as Kurtz notes, the “preferred Fox shorthand,” for undocumented immigrants – “illegals.” He also thinks that the anger of the teabaggers reflected “honest insecurity on the part of average Americans” and not “anger towards Obama.” (LOL, a bunch of upset middle class, almost totally white, older conservative Republicans many of whom think Obama is a Kenyan Muslim/Nazi/Socialist/Baby Killer – yeah, that’s “average!”) Kurtz also points out that Hemmer is concerned about the deficit and as such uses Stuart Varney (He has an accent. Does he have his “papers?”) as a lead-off commentator. Kurtz notes that Varney “rarely misses an opportunity to criticize the administration's fiscal policies.” But this right wing tilt in guests isn’t a problem for Hemmer who” insists he is not concerned by the ideological nature of the bookings as long as his interviews are ‘even-handed’.”

Comment: “Even handed” – excuse me? Was it “even handed” of Hemmer to tout the position of the National Right to Life during a discussion of abortion vis-à-vis health care reform. Was that being “even handed” or was that just an articulation of the anti-choice talking points that Fox, as a mouthpiece for the conservative Christian right, presents as news? But Bill does delivers his “news” with such a solid, all American boy persona or as Kurtz describes it -an “infectious grin and golly-gee demeanor – so it’s all good. And ladies, he’s still available. And gents, I don’t want to demolish your fantasies; but according to the guys at “Queerty,” (whose hearts are broken;) ) he has a girlfriend whom he has taken to the Empire State building and whose picture he showed to his audience. But there you have it, Bill Hemmer says that ideology isn’t a concern – and this on the network that touts itself as “Real Journalism – Fair & Balanced.” Go figure!


*I’m sure that our favorite Fox fan could provide examples of Hemmer’s being “fair and balanced.” Wonder if Kurtz will now be inducted into the very special and exclusive club of “Fox Haters.”

Fox News' Very $pecial BFF