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Tit For Tat? The Ed Show Goes After Fox News After O’Reilly Goes After MSNBC

Reported by Guest Blogger - July 11, 2010 -

By Aunty Em

There’s nothing better than an intramural bun fight between anchors of news networks, especially when Fox News is (once again) called out for its blatant hypocrisy. And, even more so when it’s Bill O’Reilly on the receiving end.

On Wednesday (07-07-10) O’Reilly said that “people on MSNBC lie every day.” This was too much for Ed Schultz, of MSNBC’s The Ed Show, who used his “Psycho Talk” segment the following day to say, "Serial liar, Bill O'Reilly, you know he really does live in his own right wing world." Schultz then played a short bit of tape to point out just a small sampling of the lies perpetrated and propagated by the so called Fox News Channel over the years. Watch:

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[Video courtesy of MSNBC]

Had Ed logged onto News Hounds he could have found many more examples of Fox News lies, but Schultz had already made his point. So far, there’s been no response from the O’Reilly camp, but knowing how notoriously thin-skinned Bill O’ is, it’s probably just a matter of time.

With all my love,
Aunty Em

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