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“Pastor” Glenn Beck Promotes God’s Reunion Tour Of Public Schools!

Reported by Priscilla - July 10, 2010 -

Glenn Beck is such a religious guy that he wants our public school children to be as religious as he is. As one of Jesus’ BFF’s he wants kids to be part of God’s posse and as such he just seethes with pious indignation at those Supreme Court decisions that declared school prayer unconstitutional. On July 1st, as part of his holy day of radical, right wing religious propaganda, that included Glenn’s posse of right wing Christian “leaders,” Glenn did a piece about “Banishing God From Our Classrooms.” That bringing God back would be a violation of the document that Beck seems to revere (well not those later socialist amendments) doesn’t seem to be a problem for Beck who is rapidly becoming, as part of “America’s newsroom,” America’s premier TV pastor!

Beck started off, on July 1st, by saying that today's news stories make his “head explode.” (A “Scanners” moment could really boost his ratings!) For his first example, he worked in some perfunctory red baiting with “our Karl Marx loving administration is trying to spend its way out of the debt crisis” as an example of why he is so concerned. He then segued into a report about Fox News latest persecuted Christian patriot, Young Republican Sean Harrington who lost his battle to force his school to say the Pledge of Allegiance before every class. After mentioning that there was concern that some teachers might not want to say the Pledge, Beck “joked” that it might be time for some “firing.” (Uh, I think that there might be a Constitutional problem with “loyalty oaths,” Glenn.) Beck sighed about the state of America and then did a reminiscence about his happy days saying the Pledge in Mrs. Cole’s 2nd grade class and when he picked berries during the summer with his grandfather. After a little homespun homily about patched blue jeans he played a video of a schlocky “annotated” version of the Pledge said by 50’s comedian Red Skelton.

He said, with sadness in his voice, that “Some think there was a tipping point in 1962 when the Supreme Court first ruled that a voluntary —- voluntary — prayer at the start of each school day was unconstitutional because, the court said, it amounted to state sponsorship of prayer.” He then read the prayer about acknowledging our dependence on God and asked what was offensive about that. Naturally he didn’t tell the whole story which was that four parents of public school students felt that school prayer was contrary to the Constitution. One of the parents, Steven Engel (Jewish), said that this generic prayer didn’t “fit the religious faith of all people.” Historian Beck didn’t note that SCOTUS Judge Black said that “It is a matter of history that this very practice of establishing governmentally composed prayers for religious services was one of the reasons which caused many of our early colonists to leave England and seek religious freedom in America.” Beck later said that “atheists have a lot of crap to put up with; but that’s what life is.” (So suck it atheists, God rules!) He then read the “official prayer of the First Continental Congress" and said that “we should be down on our knees saying that every night.” (Uh, Glenn, I don’t know if Catholics would want to say what was, most likely, and Anglican inspired prayer but whatever…) Beck then talked about how a school in Brooklyn is “using materials that compares religion to a disease.” The materials, as described in the Murdoch NY Post, consist of quotes which appear to be “anti-God,” one of which is a Yiddish proverb. Students are asked to support or defend the comments. The school is considered one of the best junior highs in NY City. Naturally, Beck didn’t provide the context for this rant. And to provide some “proof” of the terrible effects of “banishing God,” he showed stats from pseudo historian David Barton which supposedly showed that *SAT scores fell while teen premarital sexual activity and crime rose after the Supreme Court decision. But the best part was when he ended with Sean Harrington’s Ronald Reagan quote about the importance of God. LOL Reagan was hardly the epitome of a church going Christian!

Comment: What prayers would Beck recommend for American public school children? Somehow, I don’t think that his fundy friends would be too keen about referencing the Mormon Angel Moroni in the prayers. I don’t think the Protestants would want their kids saying a Hail Mary. I don’t think Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, non believers would want their kids saying Christian prayers. Wonder what Christian parents would say about their kids reciting the Islamic Shahada profession of faith. And if they say the Our Father, will they do the “for thine is the kingdom…” because that’s not in the Catholic Lord’s Prayer. Poor Glenn, the "happy days" of the monolithic Christian 50's (actually it wasn't - hence the SCOTUS decision) are over and he just can't deal with it. Boo, freaking, hoo!

*According to a critique of Barton from the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs,”SAT scores have fallen but that decline is better explained by the fact that more students from a wider variety of socioeconomic backgrounds are taking the test than that the decline is in any way attributable to the elimination of state-sponsored religious exercises.”