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Fox’s Your World Paints Unemployment Benefits Recipients As Welfare Cheats

Reported by Guest Blogger - July 10, 2010 -

By Brian

What a coincidence that while the Republicans keep blocking the extension of unemployment benefits, Your World should run a segment obviously designed to demonize those on unemployment as akin to welfare cheats. At the same time, the “fair and balanced” network offered no hard information about how serious a problem it really is vs. how many people collecting unemployment are struggling and really need it.

On Thursday (7/8/10), substitute host Brian Sullivan interviewed Karl Dinse, CEO of Management Recruiters of Sacramento, about people turning down $60,000 a year engineering jobs in the Northwest, allegedly because of extended jobless benefits.

Sullivan asked Dinse if people turning down the jobs he’s recruiting for “already have a job or are you talking to people that are unemployed?"

"No, no, we’re talking to people that are unemployed, and this is the part that's frustrating to us, what’s going on here?” Dinse said. He said he did a bit of research into why people were refusing the jobs. "Here's what we learned. One of the answers was 'Well, you know, I’ve got spousal income. My spouse is making money… I can sit on the sidelines. I ‘m picking up $400 a week unemployment… We don't have to pay child care if I stay home.’”

Sullivan said that after California or Oregon taxes, with a $60,000 salary, "You're probably netting about $3000 a month. Child care could cost you two grand a month. So, you're right, without paying a baby sitter, the unemployment benefits are going to pay $1600 a month versus a thousand on top of child care. That person, unfortunately, sounds like he just made a pretty rational economic decision."

"They're holding out for the perfect position,” Dinse said. “So they're not going willing to go for the lesser one... Sometimes, too… they're picking up some jobs on the side, cash jobs, maybe two, three hundred dollars a week… You do the numbers on this, and hey, it doesn't make sense."

"How common is this?" Sullivan asked.

Dinse's reply was cagey. "Clearly not an isolated incident… A number of the other management recruiters… within out network sent me e-mails and gave me some very similar example... It's kind of a mentality, unfortunately."

The last sentence spoke volumes. So did the fact that Sullivan didn’t seem at all interested in doing any investigation so that the “we report, you decide” network’s audience could determine how prevalent these situations are, how much average people collect in unemployment benefits and what kind of hardships many of those collecting benefits may still be living under.

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