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Where's Fox News' Reporting That Climategate Scientists Were Cleared?

Reported by Ellen - July 8, 2010 -

Late last fall, you could hardly turn on Fox News without catching some of their obsessive coverage of Climategate, in which some scientists' emails supposedly indicated they had falsified data to support claims of global warming. Fox News repeatedly held it up as some kind of "proof" that global warming was a hoax. Well, as it turns out, an investigation has found that the scientists' "rigor and honesty as scientists are not in doubt." So where's the "fair and balanced" coverage of that outcome?

I've watched lots of Fox News in the last few days and haven't seen a single discussion. I'm guessing Special Report covered it and maybe Fox Report but what about an update for those who saw the now-proven-to-be-unfounded accusations on all the other shows? (H/T Chris H.)

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