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Dick Morris Joins Fox News’ “Voter Fraud” Fear Mongering Party, 2010 Version

Reported by Ellen - July 8, 2010 -

As I’ve previously posted, Fox News’ 2010 “voter fraud” fear mongering extravaganza is centered on making the Obama administration and its Department of Justice the new ACORN – and with just the same kind of phony controversy that Fox News used against ACORN. Last night (7/7/10), on The O’Reilly Factor, Dick Morris joined the party by alleging that Democrats have endorsed, or at least not opposed, “voter intimidation tactics.”

It was yet another fear-mongering session discussion about The New Black Panthers, a small group of radical black people that Fox News has a history of holding up as representative of black people (until, that is, one of them went on Hannity and brought up the inconvenient truth about his former association with a white supremacist).

“This story is building,” O'Reilly said, acknowledging that the story “on its face” was not very important. But he quickly added, “The fact that the Attorney General, with the acknowledgment and, I think, the support of President Obama, although I can’t be sure about that… refuses to prosecute these guys… This has gotta hurt them.”

Morris started out reasonably, saying that he had spoken to a source who told him that the Department of Justice declines to prosecute these kinds of cases “all the time” because “we couldn’t prove” that voters were intimidated. And I agree with Morris’ assessment that the DOJ “dropped the ball” by not condemning the New Black Panther Party behavior and then explaining why the DOJ is not prosecuting. I’d add they should blast Fox News for playing the race card over what they surely know is a phony issue, as well.

But then Morris added that, along with “the Democratic effort to go after Karl Rove for firing, allegedly, US Attorneys for failing to prosecute voter fraud, it really amounts to a Democratic Party endorsement, or at least not opposition to, voter intimidation tactics.”

Of course, the US Attorney scandal rested on the fact that the attorneys were fired for not prosecuting BOGUS cases of voter fraud.

Somehow, O'Reilly seemed to miss that distinction. He was more interested in attacking Media Matters.

You can contact the show at oreilly@foxnews.com.

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