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Why Hasn’t Megyn Kelly Done Any Investigation Into Allegations Of Racism And Voter Fraud Enabling At DOJ?

Reported by Ellen - July 7, 2010 -

Megyn Kelly’s America Live show is supposed to be part of Fox News’ “objective” news line up. But she has not only consistently promoted her interviews with GOP activist J. Christian Adams as revelations from a “whistleblower,” but she has failed to do any independent investigation into his claims. In her third interview with him today, Kelly threw up her arms and whined that the Justice Department won’t appear to make their case. Excuse me, but isn’t it the job of a journalist to investigate her own stories? Well, not if you’re on a mission, as I contend that she and Fox News are, to turn Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama into the new ACORN, just in time for Fox News’ regular, election-year fear mongering about voter fraud. Coincidentally, Kelly even gratuitously tied ACORN and Obama into these new allegations of voter fraud.

Adams was back on America Live today with what Kelly called, in a Fox News Alert, “an explosive new allegation from DOJ whistleblower, J. Christian Adams.”

Kelly said to Adams, “If true, this allegation is at least equal to, perhaps bigger, than the one you revealed last week.” Kelly’s choice of the word “revealed,” as opposed to “accused” or “claimed,” is pretty telling.

After alleging last week, with no direct proof, that the DOJ refuses to prosecute blacks who have committed voter rights’ infractions, Adams was back now to allege, as Kelly neatly summarized for him: “There is a Justice Department mandate not to enforce the law that requires ineligible voters, including people who have died, who are registered illegally and so on, to be taken off the voter registration rolls.”

Adams explained that the “Motor Voter” law has a provision requiring states to make sure that the voter rolls don’t contain dead people and that the U.S. Justice Department has “the power” to step in and enforce it if states don’t do it.

So does that mean that the DOJ is compelled to step in? Is Adams even alleging that the states are not complying? Rather than trying to ascertain the extent of the problem, Kelly jumped in to pile on with a suggestion that the voting rolls are rife with fraudulent registrations: “It’s not just dead people, it’s dead people, it’s illegal voters, it’s felons and the states are supposed to remove them because if they’re still on the rolls when voting day comes along, it can lead to voter fraud.”

Yes, the same voter fraud that Fox News fear mongers about in the run up to every election cycle and then never seems to find a single case afterward. It’s worth pointing out – again – that despite years of fearmongering about ACORN causing voter fraud, not even Fox News has come up with any cases, at least none that I’ve seen. But if they had, it’s a near certainty Fox would have given the matter plenty of airtime.

“There’s plenty of evidence a lot of ineligible felons did, in fact, vote,” Adams duly added.

Kelly didn’t ask for any details. She didn’t care about how many “ineligible felons” voted, where Adams got that information or even if those “ineligible felons” voted in states not complying with the Motor Voter law requirements.

Instead, she moved on to press Adams for more details about “the mandate” handed down by the DOJ.

According to Adams, the DOJ attorney who “supervises the voting section” scheduled a meeting in 2009 “with the entire voting section” and, “what she said was… that there was no interest in enforcing this provision in the law that had absolutely nothing to do with increasing turnout, that it prevented access to the ballot box, it didn’t increase it and therefore there was no interest and that wasn’t going to be done.”

Adams didn’t say he was at that meeting – and, curiously, since all his other allegations are based on second-hand information, Kelly didn’t ask – but even assuming that he was at the meeting, I’d expect an objective news host to ask questions like, “What evidence does the DOJ have that states are not maintaining their voter rolls? How big a problem is this? Is it a big enough issue that the federal government should go in and interfere with states’ processes? But none of those questions seem to have occurred to Kelly.

Instead, Kelly sounded like an attorney for the prosecution as she summarized Adams’ accusations, adding her own hammy outrage as a hint of believability for the audience: “Your claim is that this Deputy Assistant Attorney General… has issued a MANDATE (Kelly’s emphasis) that the law… not be enforced.” She later “asked,” “Is it your position, Christian, that the Department of Justice is engaging in a cover up of its political motivations for decisions that are supposed to be made without politics and purely based on the law?”

Kelly even made a point of tying the DOJ to ACORN. “I wanted to raise that with you, because when Alberto Gonzales was Attorney General, Project Vote, which, of course is connected with ACORN and also with President Obama… they came into the Department of Justice and complained that the voter registration requirements of the voter registration law were not being followed… so is this just… politics, a tit for tat?”

It’s a legitimate question but she ought to know that Adams is not the person to ask. Why not ask someone not involved in the story?

Apparently, however, Kelly thought the only verifying she needed to do was “reaching out to the DOJ” to get their side of the story. She said, “We reached out to (DOJ) specifically about what you’re saying today and they have not yet responded,” she said, as though that absolved her of any and all further effort to validate (or not) the claims of her guest, even though she had ample reason to suspect them.

Instead Kelly said, with unintentional hilarity, that Adams has become “a punching bag for some out there in what is not fair and balanced media.”

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