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In Honor Of Sen. Byrd’s Funeral, Beck Mounts Another Racial Attack Against Him

Reported by Ellen - July 7, 2010 -

Glenn Beck reprised his class act yesterday (7/6/10) by mounting another racial attack on the late Sen. Robert Byrd. It wasn’t enough that Beck already “commemorated” Byrd’s death by hyping his Klan past (and ignoring all his considerable accomplishments since) and then suggesting that Byrd had not suffered enough, as Beck had, for his racial record. No, this time Beck went after the funeral as well as the man. That way, he was able to work in some attacks on President Obama and Bill Clinton for excusing Byrd’s past and to suggest that they are closet racists.

Before dragging the newly-deceased Byrd through the mud again, Beck made sure to let everyone know what a good Christian he is. He showed us his blackboard on which was written in large letters,


Showing off his own change and redemption cred, Beck announced that he’s a recovering alcoholic and “a recovering dirtbag.” I don’t know about the alcoholism but this segment indicated some serious dirtbag relapsing. Beck had better call his Dirtbags Anonymous sponsor pronto.

After a bit more “humility” about his “atonement” – which was really a boastful suggestion that he, unlike Byrd, had changed and, unlike Democratic eugologists, knew what real change was. Right.

Then, after assuring us what a stand up guy he now is, he spent the rest of the segment smearing Clinton, Obama and Byrd.

“What former President Bill Clinton said about Robert Byrd, I think, is despicable,” Beck said. He played a clip of Clinton saying that Byrd had “a fleeting association” with the Ku Klux Klan” because he was a “country boy… trying to get elected. And maybe he did something he shouldn’t have done and he spent the rest of his life making it up.”

Thanks to Beck, Byrd is still paying in the afterlife.

Beck rehashed some of Byrd’s pro-Klan and anti-“Negro” statements, without bothering to mention that Byrd had long ago moderated his views, apologized for his past association with the Klan and went on to support Barack Obama in 2008.

For “recovering dirtbag” Beck, nothing Byrd did in the last 50 or so years seemed to count for much.

In fact, I don’t think anything Byrd did before that really mattered to Beck, either. His main goal seemed to be to smear Clinton and then Obama as closet racist hypocrites.

First, Beck distorted Clinton’s obvious meaning by suggesting that he condoned Byrd’s Klan association because he did it to get elected.

Then, similar to what he did the first time he attacked Byrd in death, Beck used it to justify conservatives’ racial records. “Can you imagine if this had been a Republican? Anyone who had positively eulogized the life of a former Klan member would have been barbecued in the press and drummed out of the office politically.”

Beck went on to compare Clinton’s eulogy to Trent Lott’s salute of Strom Thurmond. Of course, there’s a world of difference: Clinton was praising someone who had moved beyond racism. Lott, on the other hand, had suggested the country would have been better off if it had elected then-segregationist Thurmond. The fact that Beck could not or would not distinguish the two comments says far more about him than anything Clinton said about Byrd – or than what Lott said about Thurmond, for that matter.

“I’m not saying we hammer Robert Byrd,” Beck said laughably. What he apparently meant was that we should hammer Clinton and Obama for “the hypocrisy” and if poor, just-deceased Byrd had to be the denigrated vehicle, so be it. Winding up the histrionics for the finale, Beck leaned into the camera to complain that conservatives get labeled racists “because you want U.S. law enforced, the border secured, while excusing or ignoring actual racist comments and actions.”

“I don’t judge him,” Beck said with a straight face. “I thought he had some good things that he did late in life but I think we should point out and remember all the really, really, really, really bad things, too.” My, my what a shining example of decency.

“The head of the Department of Justice (Eric Holder) has called us a nation of cowards because of our racism,” Beck said. In fact, that’s not what Holder said at all. Holder said we’re a nation of cowards because of our discomfort in discussing race. Even Foxnews.com got that.

And then Beck revealed that all this was really just a lead up to another round of ACORN-ifying Eric Holder. “Could we spend a few minutes on that one?” he “asked,” signaling that he was going to use that “Holder-is-an-anti-white-racist” meme to frame an upcoming segment about the New Black Panther case.

You can contact Beck at glennbeck@foxnews.com or me@glennbeck.com.

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