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Beck Ducks Under MLK Mantle To Accuse Obama DOJ Of Racism

Reported by Ellen - July 7, 2010 -

As I have previously written, the only real difference between Megyn Kelly’s continued suggestions that President Obama is a racist and Glenn Beck’s earlier, much-vilified accusation, is that Kelly outsourced her accusations to a GOP activist, whom she calls a “whistleblower.” Yesterday, Beck predictably picked up on Kelly’s work and just sensationalized it a bit more. It was interesting (to me, anyway) that Beck waited until after he had “memorialized” Sen. Robert Byrd as a racist, as if to prove what a stand-up-guy he is when it comes to civil rights. In this segment, which immediately followed Beck’s attack on Byrd, Beck made another splashy attack on Byrd, distorted President Clinton’s eulogy as saying that lynchings were “no big deal,” accused the Obama administration of “despis(ing) the Founding Fathers” and then, as he moved in for the race-card kill, asked, “is this the lesson we learned from Martin Luther King?” The whole thing could not have been any more Rovian.

The short version of this segment is nothing more than another Fox News reiteration of Beck's original attack: The Obama Department of Justice are racists with “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

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