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Fox & Friends & Hooters Girls “Let Freedom Ring”

Reported by Priscilla - July 5, 2010 -

Along with Jesus and the American flag, “real” Americans love hooters – be it the restaurant of the same name or certain physical features of the women bearing “more than a mouthful” gustatory pleasures at that restaurant of the same name. So Fox “News,” as the TV for “real” Americans, knows what they like and gives them what they want. On Saturday’s Fox & Friends, the weekend chums showed their patriotism and love of “hooters” by a discussion of the “Hooters” gals recent “Let Freedom Ring” tour where they visited the troops in Kuwait and Iraq. One of the gals said that it was “amazing to be able to look the soldiers in the eyes and thank them personally.” She added that they presided over a wing eating contest. Now I don’t know if the Chippendale dancers (ladies you might know what I mean) perform for our women warriors. But if they do, one wonders if Fox “News” would feature them – complete with their body part emphasizing attire? (Would the Fox & Friends guys be as – ah –excited?) Is Fox “T & A” equal opportunity? Who knows! What we do know is that as “America’s Newsroom,” Fox “News” love them their American hooters!

From Fox & Friends "Let Freedom Wing" Day when Brian Kilmeade said "nothing spells freedom like a burger and fries from Hooters." What a true patriot!