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Fox News Guest Wants To Cut Off Power For Illegals

Reported by Guest Blogger - July 2, 2010 -

By Brian

On Your World yesterday (7/1/10), Barry Wong, candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission advocated turning off the electricity for any illegal immigrant'a electricity. Even conservative Stuart Varney was aghast. But he made sure to restore Wong’s credibility at the end.

Varney was so stunned by Wong's platform, he thought Wong must be “a little tongue in cheek.” But no, Wong was completely serious.

Wong told an obviously shocked Varney,"I think that could be a reality, but I think we have to give proper thought, review and analysis, but that is a serious consideration."

Varney said, "Apart from the fact that it would be unconstitutional, illegal, and wildly impractical, this really is not going to happen is it?"

Wong was obviously willing to try, or at least try to use it as a campaign platform. "The job of a commissioner is to look at how to keep those rates as low as possible, and one of the issues to look at is to look at factors that impact the rates, and if we have a population that is… fast growing like illegal population, we have to ask is that population impacting rates for everybody that is here as a US citizen or here illegally.”

“Do you think it’s electorally popular to turn off the lights for illegals? …I can't quite believe that in America we would allow that to happen," Varney said.

Wong said, “What we're asking is that if you're here illegally, and you're causing that services that citizens and legal residents have to pay high prices potentially, for example, build new power plants, we all have to pay for that.”

As outrageous as this was, Varney gave Wong a veneer of respectability. “It’s an interesting point of view,” Varney said at the end of the interview.

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