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Good Christian Patriot Steve Doocy And Patriotic Christian Guest Defend God From Evil Atheists!

Reported by Priscilla - July 1, 2010 -

This must be “Pledge” week on Fox & Friends because, yesterday, Steve Doocy interviewed a “patriotic” student whose crusade to force his schoolmates and teachers to say the Pledge of Allegiance has gone awry because the school department are a bunch of commie pinkos who hate the Pledge. And for the second day in a row, Fox & Friends tackled another Pledge issue. Fox & Friends, who have never seen a patriotic teabagging (here, here) or Christian billboard that they didn’t love and an atheist billboard that they didn’t, wasted no time in interviewing a God loving, all-American, Christian patriot who erected a patriotic Christian sign to affirm his love for God and to counter the evil atheist billboards which raise awareness that “under God” was not part of the original Pledge. Of course the fact that some good. possibly Christian patriot defaced the atheist billboard under discussion wasn’t mentioned. I guess “it’s under the blood” and all that….But hey, there’s a war on atheists and Fox & Friends is bringing it! Onward Christians Fox & Friends marching as to culture war....

This morning, former weather guy, good Christian, and unabashed patriot Steve Doocy showed a visual of an evil, librul, atheist billboard which had “one nation, indivisible” written on it. He noted that when a fellow Christian saw “billboards like these” (his voice dripping with contempt) “put up by an atheist group he didn’t take the matter sitting down, he put up his own sign outside his restaurant defending the phrase “under God.” (Oh, praise the Lord and pass the AK 47’s) Agitprop chyron: “Pledge of Allegiance Outrage, Atheist Billboard Takes A Stab At Pledge.” He introduced Bob French from Charlotte NC. His high pitched voice rising, Doocy, explained that “on Billy Graham boulevard” (Heresy, I say) the evil atheists put up the sign saying “one nation, indivisible.” When good Christian Doocy asked “what’s missing from that,” Bob said “God, under God.” Doocy continued “that rattled you so much you decided to put up what kind of a sign outside your restaurant”? French responded that he put up “one nation under God.” When Doocy said that folks have a right to put up whatever sign they want, French said that it was a First Amendment right. The agitprop chyron was straight up Christian “warrior:” “Business Owner Takes A Stand, Puts Up Pro God Sign Outside Restaurant.” (“Stand up, stand for Jesus…”) Doocy delivered the propaganda gospel for the day when he claimed that “during the break,” Mr. French said that he thought that these atheist groups put up these signs just “to rub people’s noses in these things.” (LOL – but it’s fine for Christians and teabaggers to erect their billboards and rub their messages wherever!). French said that because the atheist sign is on his way to work, he “has to look at it” everyday along with “30,000 plus other people. We’re a tourist area and I think this is offensive." (Wonder what French would think about the “Why Islam?” billboard in Panama City Florida) He added that it doesn’t set a good example for his city. Naturally, good Christian Doocy agreed and asked about the reaction. Agitprop chyron: “Religious Response, Biz Owner Defends Pledge of Allegiance.” French said the reaction was “very positive” and his sales increased after he put up the sign. Agitprop chyron: “Defense of the Pledge, Sign Reads ‘One Nation Under God Always’ “ Doocy asked if people were “bugged about the atheist signs.” Naturally, the ones French talked to were upset.

Interestingly, Doocy ended the interview with a little time left. French asked if he could add something and Doocy said if he did it quickly. French said that he is upset with “where we’re going with the court system. When the courts get a hold of something like this you look what happened in 1947 with Hugo Black backing the separation of church and state. We look in 1961 with taking school out of the prayer. In the 70’s we took the 10 Commandments out of the schools.” Doocy said that “that would call for a whole different sign.”

Comment: Pretty slick. Color me cynical; but I don’t think that it was a coincidence that Doocy allowed French to preach about how the courts are part of an evil secular agenda with their decisions regarding the “establishment clause” – a core belief of radical, right wing Dominionist Christians who are obviously a key demographic for Fox & Friends. Because French spoke at the end of the segment, there was no opportunity to rebut, not that good Christian Steve would do that. Once again, there was nothing remotely “fair and balanced” (yeah, I know it’s an opinion show). Doocy didn’t note that the phrase was not part of the original pledge; but was inserted at the behest of the Catholic Knights of Columbus. Doocy didn’t have an atheist there to defend the billboards. Doocy could have noted that not all residents of Charlotte are fundamentalist Christians. Doocy didn’t even bother to research the issue in order to provide a counterpoint which could have mentioned that the sign in question was defaced, last weekend, by somebody (Christian?) who spray painted the words “under God” on the sign. The “artists” spray painted an arrow between their addendum and the words “one nation” and “indivisible.” (Wonder if Mr. French knows these creative graffiti artists?) Doocy could have mentioned, after allowing French to bray about how offended he is by the signs, that the head of the NC Secular Association said that "All we are asking for is a level playing field and the same consideration that any other citizen would expect for themselves." On Fox & Friends, that consideration is for Christians only!

Oh, and word to Bob French. Vandalizing atheist billboards also “doesn’t set a good example” for your city.