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Steve Doocy Provides Platform For Persecuted “Patriotic” Pupil

Reported by Priscilla - June 30, 2010 -

Along with persecuted Christians and persecuted conservative students, Fox & Friends loves persecuted patriots. But today we have a new persecuted demographic, the persecuted “patriot” student who just coincidentally is a “Teenage Repblican.” Being a true patriot and a “real” American, Massachusetts student, Sean Harrington knew that he would find support from Fox News and Fox TV for his crusade to force his school to have students say the Pledge of Allegiance – for “real” Americans as sacred a duty as accepting Jesus as your BFF. And it’s just not Fox TV and radio (with culture warrior Todd Starnes) on which Harrington appeared. Young Mr. Harrington got himself an item on the racist, homophobic, and xenophobic Fox website, Fox Nation so he scores a triple!!!! Funny, when a lesbian high school senior was denied the opportunity to attend her senior prom, Fox & Friends didn’t care about that type of persecution. Oh, right, in order to get face time on Fox & Friends you need to be fighting the librul agenda with flags and bibles as your main prop. Anyone else need not apply!

As noted on Fox Nation, Sean’s crusade represents a “controversy” and a flag “controversy” is sure to get noticed by Fox & Friends who do so worship the “red, white, and blue” (although teabaggers do love that “Gadsen flag”). Happy patriot and former weatherguy, Steve Doocy said that patriotic student “Sean Harrington has collected over 7,000 signatures of people who support having the Pledge of Allegiance recited every day at school; but the school is still refusing to allow that.” He then introduced “patriotic student, Sean Harrington.” The agitprop chyron: “Freedom Is Not Free, Student Trying To Get Pledge Read Daily.” (Is Fox channeling “Me and Bobby McGee?”) Doocy said that patriot Harrington is a “very bright kid” who can “recite chapter and verse the Massachusetts state law that requires” the daily saying of the Pledge. Sean proved his smarts by quoting the state law. As he did so the chyron identified him as the Chairman of his local “Teenage Republican” chapter. Doocy, with his best clown face and best loud whiny voice said “it is a state law and it is ignored and it has been ignored at your school and you have been trying to get at your school, your school committee, your principal to do this…” (Hey, simmer down now!) Doocy said that at the most recent school committee meeting the vote was split so “nothing really happened. You gotta be disappointed by that” (ready for the agitprop message for the day) “that your own school committee doesn’t stand behind the Pledge of Allegiance.” Poor Sean was disappointed because “certain people” led him to believe they supported him but they didn’t. In response to Doocy’s question of why this decision was made, Sean said that there was speculation that teachers wouldn’t want to say the Pledge. Doocy screwed up his face and said “why?” Sean didn’t know but claimed that he know “tons of” teachers who would comply and that “if we can’t find at least one teacher in one school who would want to say the Pledge then we live in a broken society.” Doocy affirmed his point with “no kidding.” Steve said “sure” when Sean said that he didn’t understand it.

Doocy then read a statement from the Arlington High principal who said that he would move the American flag to the lobby where students and teachers could voluntarily join him in the Pledge. Patriot Sean will have none of it because “there is going to be no consistency with this” because kids, who are rushing to class, won’t be able to engage in the activity. Doocy voiced more validation with “I understand your frustration.”

Comment: If Doocy had done his homework, he might have said that Committee Member Judson Pierce, an attorney, “pointed out that Harrington's interpretation of the state law, which requires the Pledge, may have been correct, but that the federal law, which does not, trumps it.” He also might have noted that another committee member said "Patriotism is a very personal thing for all of us, but I do not think it is in the School Committee's best interest to mandate that any of our employees recite the pledge." But that would have cut the propaganda buzz which made the issue look like a bunch of silly libruls mandating policy for no good reason. He also could have mentioned the “heated exchange” after the vote when “Harrington's supporters vocalizing their disapproval and shouting expletives at the Committee.” But that would really have cut the propaganda buzz about righteous, clean cut, well behaved, Republican student “patriots.”