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Glenn Beck Commemorates Sen. Robert Byrd By Painting Him As A Racist

Reported by Ellen - June 30, 2010 -

Glenn Beck kept it classy yesterday (6/29/10) with his commemoration of the recently-deceased Sen. Robert Byrd by highlighting his former association with the Ku Klux Klan. Never mind that Byrd ended his association with the Klan decades ago, that he was known as “the conscience of the Senate,” and that he was a supporter of then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008. Beck ignored all of Byrd’s life post 1947 in order to focus on the long-past racial aspects. In fact, this ancient history was deemed so important that Beck did a special report about it. It’s more than a little ironic that a guy like Beck, under fire for his own, far more recent racially-charged comments, should be posturing as any kind of champion of racial equality. In fact, Beck was not actually championing racial equality, just using the issue for his own malicious, self-serving purposes.

Beck began the segment by sneering at President Obama’s description of Byrd as “a voice of principle and reason.”

“(Byrd’s) being remembered now as a guy who just served in the Senate,” Beck said. “I’d like to point out that he also served in the KKK.” The statement suggested that only Beck was big enough to mention that. But I found it mentioned in every article about Byrd's death I looked at. Beck was the only one, however, who made that long-ago association the focal point of Byrd’s life.

“I’m not here to judge… but let’s not whitewash somebody’s history,” Beck said self-importantly. “If I saw him playing the fiddle one more time (as part of a television obit), I was going to explode… Could we spend a hair more time less with the fiddle and more with, oh, I don’t know, what he did in the 50’s and 60’s?” Yes, let’s focus on those days before Byrd became a powerhouse in the U.S Senate.

Apparently, Beck thought this attack on Byrd would somehow help to rehabilitate his own record. After the report, Beck said with his sincere, hushed voice, “Right now, I’m under the gun because people are now saying on the left that I am distorting African American history… I’m the bad guy and he’s, he’s not really remembered for how he really was in those days. Let this complete the record of Senator Byrd.”

Sorry, Beck, but you’ll have to do a lot more than attack a newly-deceased Senate leader over his long-ago racial beliefs, and with a record to prove he renounced them, to justify your own behavior.

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