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Fact Check On John Stossel's "American Exceptionalism"

Reported by Priscilla - June 30, 2010 -

Yesterday, on "America Live," Megyn Kelly allowed Fox's John Stossel to pimp his upcoming special on "American Exceptionalism" which would appear to be the usual jingoism associated with this particular topic. Whatever. One of Stossel's subjects is America's military power. In promoting this part of his program, Stossel said something that was just jaw droppingly ridiculous and the type of thing that the Fox audience accepts on faith alone: "We talk about how we're a unique country cuz we go in and we fight wars and then we don't own the country we get out." Excuse Me? Hello??? The War in Afghanistan started in October 2001 and the Iraq invasion began on March 20th, 2003. Word to Stossel - we're still there! Suffice to say that "fair and balanced" Megyn Kelly didn't respond to Stossel's strange notion of going on and getting out. I guess if we "get out" sometime, it's all good....