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Is Bill O’Reilly’s Nativist Agitprop Working? Is His Audience As Nativist As He Is? Go Figure!

Reported by Priscilla - June 29, 2010 -

I don’t know if good Catholic Bill O’Reilly is the nasty nativist that he appears to be. Is he just playing the “be scared of those brown illegal aliens card” because, as a good right winger, that’s his mission from God? Or does he do his uninformed and bigoted shtick because it earns him a nice, seaside mansion on Long Island where, one hopes, all the serfs are either citizens or have green cards. As was pointed out by telecommunication specialist, Betsi Grebe, in her study of Bill O’Reilly’s propaganda, he “really likes to frame issues as fearful, as life threatening.” That’s how he presents immigration issues. He has perpetuated the myth of scary, criminal aliens and until reality bit, he promulgated the erroneous notion that Arizona is in the midst of a crime wave, caused by illegal aliens, when the crime rate in Arizona is down – a fact cited on the Murdoch owned “Wall Street Journal.” But his audience must consist of either card carrying pitchfork bearers and/or his propaganda must be working because, according to his non scientific poll, their main concern (read fear) is illegal immigration. Meanwhile, they’re fairly oblivious to the environmental disaster occurring in the Gulf. As Media Matters points out, this information is not consistent with other polls. I’ve always thought that Bill, and his audience, live in an alternate reality – and this might, as they say in Plan 9 From Outer Space, “prove it!”

From Media Matters