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Gretchen Carlson Lets Conservative Kid Trash His Teachers To Show Liberal Bias in Education

Reported by Priscilla - June 29, 2010 -

In response to the question of “how low can they go,” Fox & Friends went even lower today. In their quest to prove how evil libruls are waging war on our educational system – as opposed to Texas Neanderthals who have “rehabilitated” Joe McCarthy – Fox & Friends interviewed a child who claims librul bias in the classroom. No, it wasn’t conservative wunderkind, Jonathan Krohn, who rocked the 2009 CPAC. He had his “15 minutes” on Fox & Friends. Look out, librul world, for the new face of conservative childhood, Sam Besserman, whose tale of conservative agita, in school, found support from one of the faces of blonde, conservative, womanhood at Fox “News.” Naturally, nobody from the school district was there to rebut Besserman’s claims of victimhood. Out of the mouths of babes indeed!

Former Miss America Gretchen Carlson began by saying that school is out but “do you know what your kids were actually taught this year at school?” (Oh, Nooo, Gretchen but do tell us!) The chyron: “Growing Up Conservative, 11 Year Old Finds Trouble In California Schools.” She added that “principals and teachers have the forum to teach whatever they want during the entire year and for one child in California the learning experience hasn’t been a positive one.” She introduced Sam Besserman who just finished 6th grade in Beverly Hills. Gretch asked him why he felt that there was a “liberal bias.” Besserman said it was “unfair to the boys and the conservatives.” Gretch asked Besserman what the teacher said about the election of Mass. Senator Scott Brown. Besserman responded that she said that “racist Nazis are taking office all over the place.” (Whoa, wait a minute – isn’t that what Glenn Beck says about the Obama administration which is also home to commie pinkos??!!) Agitprop chyon: “Conservative In The Classroom, Young Student Stands Out In Left Wing School.” While he repeated the “Nazis” thing, Gretch looked just so amazed. Besserman said that he was “too much in shock” to respond to this evil leftist teacher. Agitprop chyron: “Liberal Learning Lessons, California Student Deals With Left Wing Bias.” (Note that this "bias" isn't a "fact" but an opinion) He added that he was a “minority kid in a classroom with a racist teacher.” (Huh?) Gretch said that “was a big accusation, both ways.” He continued that he started a petition to get the teacher to stop politicizing the classroom but 9 of the 32 signatories crossed their name off for fear of retribution.

Gretch said that she understood that Sam got an “F” in Social Studies. Agitprop chyron: "Speaking Out On Schools, Student Discusses Being A Young Conservative.” Besserman said that he believed that he received the grade because of “favoritism." Gretch did ask if he had “proof” of this. Agitprop chyron: “Books & Bias, 11 Year Old Being A Conservative In CA.” Besserman said that the father of one of his friends was “fed up” and did the boy’s homework to see what the grade would be and the teacher gave him a 12 out of 20. In response to a question of what his and the other students families are doing, Besserman said that they have contacted the school; “but they don’t seem to care” and now they’re "moving on to the school board.” Gretch said that Fox tried to speak with the school; but the principal had no comment. (Yeah, Gretch, that’s called “confidentiality” – how convenient for you and Sam) When asked why he stayed at the school, Sam, a good conservative, said that he will now be home schooled. Gretch said that they will continue to follow his story.

Comment: Fox & Friends has a new demographic to add to its list of persecuted Christians and patriots – a persecuted conservative student who, in his article in “American Thinker,” details his litany of complaints. He accuses his preschool female teacher of “misandry” (hatred of men) and states that one of his male teachers “might have been castrated” due to his “soft voice” and “feminine gestures.” He claims that throughout his school years, the female teachers were feminist male haters who favored the girls. He also claims that he was taught that minorities were “victims and therefore good” and the majority, bad. He feels that Native American achievements were exaggerated over the European colonists who were not given enough credit. He criticized a woman teacher who said that one of the early first ladies was the brain behind her husband. As a global warming denier, he accuses a teacher of encouraging some nasty librul bullies to taunt him by shouting “global warming is real.” But the saddest and most disturbing part of his rant was his reaction to what he feels is “feminist” indoctrination: “Once I even felt like going into the bathroom and trying to pull off my penis. It wasn't that I wanted to be a woman -- I had just lost my enthusiasm for my embattled gender.”

I know that Fox & Friends loves to push the propaganda of librul bias in education; but to use this young man, whose article in the right wing “American Thinker,” shows that he might have some serious issues, is, I believe, an all time low in a show that couldn’t get any more base. Meanwhile, the grownup morning show on MSNBC had Richard Haas from the Council on Foreign Relations, Governor Chris Christie of NJ, Andrew Ross Sorkin of the NY Times, and T Boone Pickens.