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Megyn Kelly And Bret Baier Reveal How We Know Elena Kagan Is Liberal: She’s From NY’s Upper West Side

Reported by Ellen - June 28, 2010 -

On the day that, as Politico reports, Republicans have seized on the strategy of painting Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan as a politically-driven liberal ideologue, America Live host Megyn Kelly, who is supposedly a host of one of Fox News' "objective" programs, threw in her two cents in support of the meme. How does she know Kagan is a far leftist? Kagan is from New York’s upper west side where Kelly saw someone walking around with a "Kill Cheney First" tee shirt. Bret Baier agreed with Kelly's assessment.

During a break from Kagan’s confirmation hearings, Kelly said, “Talking about the signs that she (Kagan) may be a liberal. Living in New York City, I can speak to this. She grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan. We walked around the upper west side of Manhattan not too long ago. And I asked my husband aloud, ‘Do you think it’s true what they say, that this is… the liberal center of New York City, of one of the most liberal cities, this is the center of it. And at that moment… a woman walked by us with a tee shirt that read, ‘Kill Cheney First.’ So, yes. So I’m gonna say, ‘Yes.’ It is a liberal area and it is the area from which Elena Kagan hails.”

Baier agreed, saying, “So there you have it.”

Yes, there you have it: what passes for “fair and balanced news” on the Fox News Channel.

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