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Bill O’Reilly Pulls Anti Obama Immigration Data From His Posterior?

Reported by Priscilla - June 27, 2010 -

Taking a page from propaganda 101, when Fox “News” has a propaganda point that they clearly and dearly love, they reinforce it. From the first agitprop “opinion” brayings of the Fox & Friends, through some of the “news” coverage (particularly Megyn Kelly), and into the night with the opinion big guns, Fox makes sure that their audience gets the desired right wing message which is frequently the right wing outrage du jour. The latest right wing outrage is the flap over Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis’ PSA about how all workers (both illegal and legal) are entitled to fair wages – a comment that reflects US Labor Law. Fox, in providing a conduit for this latest bit of clean, white panty twisting from the American right wing, is doing its own PSA for said nativists in its “coverage” of the issue. Megyn Kelly provided partisan commentary during two segments about this topic on two successive days. Fox & Friends, echoing the comments of generic Republicans referenced by Kelly, said that the PSA was “insane.” Greta Van Susteren discussed this with former Bush press secretary and Fox contributor Dana Perino who suggested that the Obama administration was weak on enforcement of immigration. The racist and nativist Fox hate site, “Fox Nation,” also had this headline: “Obama Labor Chief: Illegals Have A Right To Fair Wages.” So it wasn’t a surprise to see this topic, as well as another item in the Fox farrago of anti illegal immigration screeds– i.e. new ICE official, Harold Hurtt doesn’t believe in immigration enforcement - discussed by Bill O’Reilly who once again pulled his facts from the darkest regions of his anal cavity!

Along with the Solis PSA, the appointment of former Houston Police Chief, Harold Hurtt to the position of Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Office of State and Local Coordination, has the clean, white panties of the nativist right wing in a twisted bunch. The chums on Fox & Friends claim that Mr. Hurtt supports “sanctuary cities” – a source of major “wedgies” in Bill O’Reilly’s nether regions. So in tackling both right wing outrages, Bill scored a double propaganda hit which included several “bold, fresh” pieces of another product from the nether regions.

Friday night (June 26th) Bill introduced his “Unresolved Problems” segment with a graphic of President Obama’s face over a map of the US with the Mexican border clearly delineated in red. The chyron for the graphic: “Immigration Chaos.” Bill played Secretary of Labor’s PSA. He then pulled out ass fact #1 when said that “President Obama has appointed a sanctuary city guy to monitor immigration problems between the feds and the states and some Republicans are saying that the President wants to give illegal aliens amnesty.” (As I explain further in this piece, this *“Hurtt supports sanctuary city” allegation is not supported by the facts and certainly not by the individual being smeared.). He introduced Leslie Marshall and Dana Perino whose boss, President George Bush, supported a “path to citizenship” but was rebuffed by conservative Republicans who share O’Reilly’s nativist views. Bill got the agitprop out immediately by saying that “I say that this is a left wing policy that President Obama is embracing toward illegal immigration.” Perino took the ball and ran with it by claiming that Obama is not enforcing immigration enforcement. Naturally Bill asked Perino, who did assert that workers have a right to fair wages, if the PSA was “strange” because Solis was essentially saying that “even though you broke the law, we’re here for you." When Perino said that worksite enforcement was down, Bill, in his best “casual guy” voice, threw out his second ass fact: “That’s because they admit it that they’re not going to raid workplaces, they’re not going to do a whole bunch of stuff.” (So Bill, other than your tuckus, where are you getting that from? John Morton, the head of ICE, said that the agency is stepping up enforcement and will be expanding the “Secure Communities Initiative” which give local jurisdictions access to the Homeland Security data base.”) The third ass fact came as a question: “What about this guy Hurtt” (his name was spelled Hurrt on the chyron) “taking over as a liason...” (Bill laughed and scratched his head) “this guy, he could be in LA, Leslie, …that’s how liberal this guy is, Obama, he’s not serious about enforcing immigration law…” Ass fact #4 was pulled when Bill said that “…if an illegal alien commits a crime don’t report him to ICE as Chief Hurtt ordered his people not to do.” Fact check – as reported by the Houston Chronicle, an ICE agent said that “Houston police notify ICE when officers arrest people wanted by ICE. He said officers also call his agency when they suspect violent criminals might be in the country illegally, and they help out on some criminal operations.” Another article in the same paper referenced how the Mayor of Houston disagreed with Bill O’Reilly’s claim that Houston is a sanctuary city and detailed the cooperation of law enforcement with ICE. Hurtt told CNN: “Anybody that we come across that is going to be booked into our jail or either the county jail, Harris County Jail and they've been arrested by the Houston police department, we're going to be asking them, were you born in the U.S. and are you a U.S. citizen?”

Comment: Bill O’Reilly’s verbal diarrhea is understandable given what comes out elsewhere!

*Correction - I added "Hurtt supports" to sanctuary city allegation because a Fox lover thought that I was referring to the Bill's claim that Houston is a sanctuary city. According to this Bill groupie, Houston as sanctuary city isn't an ass fact because the Congressional Research Organization said that it was and therefore, that makes it true. I was referring to Bill's accusation that Hurtt supports sanctuary cities and not Houston itself - which, based on what I've researched, doesn't appear to be a "sanctuary city."