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Megyn Kelly Continues Agitprop Freak-Out Over Secretary Of Labor’s PSA

Reported by Priscilla - June 26, 2010 -

When Fox has a propaganda point they want to communicate, it is frequently covered over the span of the day - after which the 24 news cycle moves on. So if a “news” host repeats the agitprop on another day, it must mean that this propaganda message is super important. At present, the right wing nativist community has their nice, white panties in a bunch about the Secretary of Labor’s PSA regarding worker’s rights. So not surprisingly, it was a topic for Megyn Kelly who is always willing to be the handmaiden for whatever’s hot in right wing outrage. It wasn’t surprising that, earlier this week, Fox “news” person Megyn Kelly clearly showed her partisan hand in her discussion of Secretary of Labor’s PSA about how all workers, legal and illegal, are entitled to fair wages. When she interviewed Leslie Marshall about the Solis PSA, her partisan slip was showing; but obviously not enough because, the next day, she showed even more partisan lingerie regarding this latest travesty - despite the “balance” of the interviewees. Her journalistic approach owed more to Lee Strasberg than to Walter Cronkite!

Kelly’s interview with Marshall seemed to cover the topic adequately; but Kelly was back, the next day, for more agitprop filled with the white hot venom that endears this white hot news babe to her audience. She began her segment by looking forward into the camera while saying “insane, astounding, and shameful.” (Oh Megyn, love it when you emote). She continued “these are just some of the terms that Republicans are now using” (and now you can use them too!) to describe Solis’ PSA. She repeated, in case you didn’t hear it the first time, “insane, paid for by your tax dollars.” (Yeah, Megyn, my tax dollars paid for a war in Iraq that you and your pals obviously didn’t have a problem with!). She described the PSA without noting that Solis’ words were official labor policy. In case you weren’t mad enough, she played the announcement, again. (Rights for workers – now that’s un-American!). Kelly talked about the “growing din” among Republican lawmakers who want to know why taxpayer dollars were used on “such a promotion.” She then interviewed uber right wing Ben Ferguson whose most notable claim to fame is that he was a “proud virgin” and attorney/radio talk show host, Mark Levine.

Kelly repeated the mantra (in case you didn’t get it the first time) that the Republicans are calling it “insane” and asked Ben if they had a point. Naturally Ferguson said it was “absurd.” Kelly was then forced to say that illegals do have workplace rights. It was a LOL moment when Levine said to “calm down the emotions.” Kelly lips couldn’t have been more pursed. Levine explained that we have laws against illegal employment because it undercuts American workers as some American employers hire illegals because they’re less likely to complain about conditions. He asserted that if these employers are identified and fined, they will be less likely to hire illegals. Ben didn’t want to hear about exploited illegals and went right back to the “tax dollar” and the encouragement to “break the law” arguments. (Who cares about exploited workers, right Ben?) Kelly said that it was “an interesting point.” She continued her not so subtle agitprop when she said “it is odd to have the Labor Secretary come out and say, the underlying message is that you’re not really allowed to have that job but if you do have it and you’re having trouble getting paid, call me and I’ll help you.” Ben laughed and said that he knows people who are not getting jobs because of illegal immigrants. (LOL – yeah, Ben knows unemployed preppies who want to mow lawns and clean fish). He wants Solis to encourage people to call her if they know of employers hiring illegals. Ben continued to chuckle when Levine said that as long as employers know that they can undercut American wages, they will continue to take jobs away from Americans. Kelly continued the agitprop: “Mark, don’t you find it a little odd that the Labor Department, at a time like this…when illegal immigration is such a hot button issue for her to come out, to reach out, she just could have said ‘workers’ if you’re an employee…but she specifically reaches out to undocumented workers.” The chyron: “GOP Lawmakers Shocked Over PSA Offering Help To Illegals.” Ferguson concluded with a comment about how the Obama administration is doing this to reach out to “illegal immigrants and those who know them” in order to get votes.

Comment: How dare Hilda Solis inform workers of their rights!!!! Get the message, got the message, good!!! Megyn Kelly, “real news, fair and balanced.”