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Geraldo Rivera Has A Lot Of Nerve Comparing Rolling Stone To Al Qaeda

Reported by Ellen - June 26, 2010 -

Geraldo Rivera was on his high horse last night (6/25/10) over the now-infamous Rolling Stone profile that led to Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s resignation this week. According to Rivera, Rolling Stone should have known that printing McChrystal’s insubordinate comments would lead to his resignation. Therefore, Rivera argued, the magazine was comparable to Al Qaeda in its danger to U.S. national security. That was over the top enough. But it was even worse considering that this holier-than-thou-on-national-security-ethics reporter was the same Geraldo Rivera who got kicked out of Iraq for broadcasting details about troop movements. He did not even have the decency to acknowledge that he had not practiced what he was now preaching.

“This is a situation where you have to put it in the context of war… and honor and the penumbra of privacy that is presumed when it’s not on the record specifically,” Rivera said on The O’Reilly Factor. “This reporter from Rolling Stone, he was a rat in an eagle’s nest… He knew what he wanted to do… This was not a .280 hitter… General Stanley McChrystal is Lou Gehrig.”

Rivera acknowledged that Obama was within his right to accept McChrystal’s resignation due to his “lapse in judgment.” But, Rivera continued, the Rolling Stone reporter knew that McChrystal’s remarks had “strategic significance, that the president would be forced to do what he did.” Rivera’s voice rose with more melodrama. “When it is a strategic issue like that, something of that import, to your country, damn it, then you have an obliation to say, ‘Was that on the record? Do you really want to say that?’”

Rivera continued histrionically, “Let me go beyond the rat in the eagle’s nest. Two days before 9/11, two Al Qaeda terrorists posing as journalists got up to Sheikh Massoud, our most valuable ally in Afghanistan. They blew themselves and Sheik Massoud up. A tremendous setback. I maintain, historically, that the removal of General McChrystal at the hands of this freelance reporter for Rolling Stone has almost comparable strategic significance.”

So if printing McChrystal’s insubordinate comments, that he knowingly made to or in front of a reporter, is comparable to Al Qaeda, what does that make someone who, as CNN reported in 2003, "went down in the sand and drew where the forces are going," said a stunned senior military official. "He gave away the big picture stuff."

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