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Cavuto’s Guest Calls Him An “Asshole”

Reported by Ellen - June 25, 2010 -

Neil Cavuto had a more-contentious-than-usual discussion about the success – or, as Cavuto sees it, the failure – of the stimulus and its broader context of deficit spending during a recession. Cavuto was antagonistic, interruptive and less than respectful to Blackwell. But when he asked Blackwell, “Where did you get your degree? I mean, at a baking school? Where are you cooking up these numbers?” Blackwell had obviously had enough. While I don't advocate cursing on national television, I think Blackwell had a point. Not surprisingly, the interview ended soon thereafter.

The first video below is from Huffington Post, which caught the cussing. The complete interview is in the second video, via Fox News, in which the “a” word is bleeped out.

H/T Eric J.

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