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Brian Kilmeade Claims Christians Arrested Under “Sharia Law”

Reported by Priscilla - June 25, 2010 -

Fox & Friends has never seen a persecuted Christian that it didn’t love. They also never seem to waste an opportunity to bash Islam. Thus, it’s not surprising that some Christian evangelists, who were arrested for disturbing the peace at the “Arab International Festival,” would be given warm support from America’s weekly morning Christian show – which specializes in persecuted Christians. The brown haired guy who isn’t Steve Doocy even inferred that the police, who normally are supported by right wing “law and order” types, were following “Sharia” law. Wonder how he would feel if Muslims were arrested for disturbing the peace at some Jesusfest? Actually, Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade freaked out, along with the rest of his right wing Islamophobic fellow travelers, about peaceful Muslims who are building an Islamic Center in NY City. Got hypocrisy? Got Hatred?

H/T Media Matters

Good Christian Brian introduced the topic, which is going viral in the Christian right wing and which was a topic on last night’s Hannity, by asking the audience to check out Fox Nation – a partisan right wing website, run by Fox News, which elicits, in addition to death threats directed at the President, and all kinds of homophobia and racism from those who proudly proclaim their allegiance to Jesus. (Don’t ya love those old time “family values?!”) Kilmeade then described how these Christians had a “huge run in” with the Dearborn police. While he spoke the “Fox Nation” logo was prominently displayed. He said how the Christians said that they were just quoting from the gospel of John when the police arrested them for disorderly conduct. With Brian, on stage, was one of the arrested Christians while his lawyer, Robert Muise, appeared by video. Kilmeade did not note that the attorney was from the Thomas More Law Center, a Christian law association that specializes, like Fox & Friends, in persecuted Christians. The camera carrying Christian, Robert Wood, told Kilmeade that he was there to “discuss” things with the festival goers because he likes having conversations with Muslims and that his friend is a former Muslim. (According to reports of the incident they were, in addition to talking, passing out copies of the gospel of John in English and Arabic.) The chryon: “Test of Faith.” Brian asserted that the Muslims weren’t happy because the “Christians were showing up.” (The police chief said that the arrests were made “to ensure security and to prevent festival patrons from being bothered.”)

When Kilmeade asked Robert Muise if the Christians were “wrongly charged,” he responded that it was the Muslims who were “making threats” and “shouting profanities.” In defense of his clients free speech, he said that “in this country we’re not governed by Sharia; but by the Constitution.” That’s when Brian Kilmeade, not an attorney, asked (with a straight face) “were they adhering to Sharia law in their arrests because it doesn’t seem to be going by our Constitution.” Muise said “that was my point…” But (ready for it) the agitprop chyron said “The Word of the Lord, Police Enforcement of Sharia Law.” (Guess that old “disturbing the peace” thingie is Sharia!) Muise added that under Sharia law, there is no protection for freedom of speech. Islamophobe (?) Muise said that “it’s not a coinicidence that in a city that has the largest Muslim population in the US that you have police who are persecuting Christians.” He noted that his law center is “the sword and shield for people of faith.” (Is that – like – “jihad?”).

Comment: Funny, when anti-war protesters were arrested, during the Bush administration, there wasn’t a peep from Fox & Friends. But they were evil libruls and not persecuted Christians and therein is the rub. And as a card carrying member of the ACLU, I have concerns about this - but police enforcing Sharia law - give me a break! Be afraid folks, be very afraid of creeping Sharia because the American Taliban and its media mouthpiece, Fox News, says so! But do check out the You Tube video on Fox Nation which claims that the Dearborn police are defending Sharia against the Constitution. And check out some of the nice Christian comments on the Fox Nation thread which is taken from the right wing website, “Power Line.” “John,” who wrote the “Power Line” article, "Sharia Comes To Michigan," said that “many people seem to believe that concerns about creeping sharia are exaggerated or misplaced. This incident demonstrates, I think, the contrary.” Looks like Fox & Friends agrees. Jesus hates Muslims. Right?



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