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Megyn Kelly Pushes Right Wing Outrage And Disputed Claim Made By Republican Senator Jon Kyl

Reported by Priscilla - June 24, 2010 -

Fox “News” does seem to run with whatever is hot, hot, hot in the right wing blathersphere – the latest being a public service announcement, made by the Secretary of Labor on the Department of Labor website, in which she states that all workers, both legal and illegal, have the right to fair wages. The ad offers a toll free line which offers assistance to those who feel that they have been denied their proper pay. Not surprisingly, nativist Republicans are freaking out because they claim that this PSA is contradicting labor law which bans the employment of illegal immigrants. So it’s not surprising that Fox Republican propaganda pusher (whoops “news” anchor) Megyn Kelly would be on board with this latest bit of right wing agita which was reported on the Fox News website and which has been pushed by other Fox talking heads. And to put the icing on the right wing cake, Ms. Kelly repeated a disputed claim made by one of her fellow travelers – Republican Senator Jon Kyl. Kelly made no effort to disguise her partisan feelings; but she interviewed a liberal so I guess she’s fair and balanced! Ya think!

On Tuesday, (June 22nd) Kelly interviewed liberal talk show personality Leslie Marshall about Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ comments. Marshall agreed with Kelly that this type of commentary was inappropriate for the Labor Secretary. However, when Marshall talked about how employers are in the business of recruiting and hiring illegals, Kelly had no response. When Marshall said that Solis’ might be part of an “idea” which could be the begging point for immigration reform, Kelly said that “you’ve got President Obama openly expressing his disdain for the Arizona immigration law…you’ve got the head of ICE, John Morton, saying that he may or may not enforce the Arizona immigration law" (he also said that he would step up “scrutiny” of employers who hire illegals but never mind that…)…”and now you’ve got the Labor Secretary reaching out to illegals…” She added “Then, let’s not forget what Senator John Kyl said yesterday that President Obama pulled him aside in the oval office and basically said ‘I’m not going to enforce the Southern border until I get Republican votes on comprehensive immigration reform’ which the White House denies but more and more every day we get a new report. Does this not reflect” (Megyn starting to look a little pissed) “a general attitude, essentially, by the Obama administration when it comes to illegals?” Marshall provided a great rebuttal when she said that Megyn knows that illegals haven’t just started coming over the border and that the focus of the illegal immigrant argument shouldn't be, exclusively, on the immigrant workers but extended to the employers.

Comment: As noted by Media Matters, “numerous” right wing blogs ran with the Kyl claim which was made at a Tea Party event. Kelly’s agitprop was really slick as she started off with the “let’s not forget” and then went with the alleged “quote” made by Obama to Kyl. The denial, by the White House, came as an afterthought with a visible shrug of dismissal. She could have read the White House comment: "The president didn't say that and Senator Kyl knows it. There are more resources dedicated toward border security today than ever before, but, as the president has made clear, truly securing the border will require a comprehensive solution to our broken immigration system.” And Kelly didn’t note that illegals are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act. But that would have cut the propaganda buzz brought to us by “news” person Megyn Kelly. Fox News – “real journalism, fair and balanced?” – ya think!