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Got Homophobia? Gretchen Carlson Doesn’t Want Her Kids To Hear “I Kissed A Girl”

Reported by Priscilla - June 24, 2010 -

Just when you think that former Miss America and uber conservative Christian Gretchen Carlson couldn’t get any more ridiculous in her zealous Christian conservative world view, she goes one better. During the run up to a break, when the music was playing in the background, the dark haired guy who isn’t Steve Doocy said that the music was from either the “Go-Go’s” or “The Bangles.” Doocy said it was Katy Perry and commented “remember the last time she kissed a girl?” He (not quoting from the lyrics) said “and she’ll never be the same.” Kilmeade, in quoting the lyric, said “she liked it.” Gretch, who obviously doesn’t want to expose her children to what she perceives as the bi-curious agenda, said “I always try to turn down those lyrics when I’m in the car with my kids.” As another lyric goes “ain’t no big deal, it’s innocent” – but not for heterosexual Gretch who saves her kisses for hubby and, allegedly, at least one fellow anchor – and I don’t mean her Fox & Friends wingmen! Anyway, one hopes that her children will never be exposed to those pernicious sexy things that could push them off the straight and narrow path followed by good Christian conservative and homophobic (?) Gretchen Carlson!

H/T Media Matters