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Varney And Hannity Promote Oil Spill Conspiracy Theory: Obama And Radical Enviros Sabotaged Cleanup To Advance Their Radical Socialist Agenda

Reported by Ellen - June 23, 2010 -

Stuart Varney visited the Hannity show last night (6/22/10) to attack discuss Obama's response to the BP oil spill disaster. Once again, there was little to no substance offered in the segment about the progress of the clean up, just politicization of the kind that Sean Hannity professes to deplore. In fact, Hannity seemed to agree when Varney put forth his theory that Obama and the environmentalists have a “hidden agenda” to destroy the oil business.

Before the conspiracy theory, Varney and Hannity first reiterated the falsehood that foreign assistance had been turned away.

Varney said, “I think the environmentalists have a hidden agenda here. They want to make this spill the same as Three Mile Island for the nuclear industry. They want to kill of the oil business. That’s why President Obama will appeal this ending of the moratorium on the drilling.”

Hannity didn’t explicitly endorse the theory but he implicitly approved of it by saying, “He (Obama) has been against oil and exploration and coal mining from the beginning.”

That’s another falsehood

Varney continued, “(Obama) doesn’t really like dynamic industry. He doesn’t really like vigorous, dynamic, market-oriented capitalism.”

Sadly, this is not the first time Fox News has promulgated this sort of theory.

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