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Oliver North’s Conspiracy Theory About McChrystal And Rolling Stone: Somebody Set Up McChrystal

Reported by Ellen - June 23, 2010 -

Fabulist Oliver North offered a surprising take on General Stanley McChrystal’s now-infamous Rolling Stone interview: Somebody on McChrystal’s staff had it in for the General and deliberately set him up by approving the interview. Yeah, and that same saboteur probably spiked McChrystal's drink with a date rape drug to get him to talk!

As a guest on Hannity last night (6/22/10), at about five minutes into the segment, North said McChrystal “has exercised very, very poor judgment and his staff, quite frankly. Whether it was at the Pentagon or Central Command or right there in the staff that approved this embed (for Rolling Stone) and I know what it’s like to go through getting an embed at press. 20 some-odd times I’ve had to go over there, file all the paperwork, you have to lay out exactly what you’re gonna do. So somebody in between the Pentagon and right out there in Kabul needs to know they really screwed up. Somebody had it in for the General. They let this whole thing happen.”

Oddly, Hannity didn't press for details

North and Hannity also insisted that Obama would fire McChrystal because, according to them, it would be the politically expedient thing to do.

North said, “No way that Barack Obama, who’s been accused – I think rightly so – of being indecisive, ambivalent, unable to make up his mind, detached, all of those things, about everything from the economy, to the war, to the gulf oil spill, there’s no way he can pass up this opportunity to look decisive and fire General McChrystal.”

Hannity groused, “So he’s not gonna be tough with North Korea or Iran. He’s gonna be tough with the general.”

Hannity refused to criticize McChrystal outright but would only go so far as saying that his remarks in Rolling Stone were “probably unwise. Probably what he said was wrong.”

North added, “Most of what (McChrystal’s) staff and he say about the O team, I would agree with.”

The other guest, Jim Nicholson, Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs in the George W. Bush administration, predicted McChrystal will not be fired. Nicholson said it might be “more courageous” for Obama to keep McChrystal on because of his importance to the war effort.

Hannity bet Nicholson a Ruth’s Chris steak that he was wrong.

I happen to agree with Nicholson that McChrystal will be retained. But I doubt I’ll get a steak from Hannity if I’m right.

UPDATE: According to Fox News, McChrystal will be relieved of his command and replaced by Gen. David Petraeus.

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