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Hume Suggests McChrystal Was Justified In Criticisms Of Obama And Biden

Reported by Ellen - June 22, 2010 -

Isn’t Brit Hume supposed to be one of Fox News’ objective analysts? So imagine my surprise when, in a discussion about whether Gen. Stanley McChrystal will be or should be fired for attacks on the Obama administration made by him and his staff in a Rolling Stone article, Hume made some gratuitous jabs at President Obama and Vice President Obama, suggesting that McChrystal’s complaints about the administration were spot on. The discussion occurred today on America Live with Megyn Kelly, a show that is supposedly part of Fox News' "objective news" line up. Kelly giggled over Hume's remarks.

Hume was more than a little critical of McChrystal for being so foolish as to speak the way he did to the Rolling Stone Reporter. Hume told Kelly, “This is a regular mess.” He said McChrystal showed an “astonishing lack of judgment… (It’s) a firing offense… Nobody wins here… (It’s) a very major negative development for this whole effort and this whole policy.”

And yet, Hume went on to suggest that McChrystal’s only real mistake was in speaking out to the media.

At about the 3:40 mark in the discussion, Hume said, “One can only imagine the impatience that General McChrystal must have felt sitting around in… those long meetings in the White House as the president agonized and deliberated over this and much of it, obviously, had to be spent listening to Senator Biden because if he’s in the room, you end up spending a lot of time listening to him because he goes on and on and on.”

“Fair and balanced” Kelly said, laughingly, “Right.”

Hume continued, “But that aside, he’s still the Vice President of the United States. He’s owed respect by General McChrystal and his subordinate aides.”

But not, apparently, owed any respect by Hume or Fox News.

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