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Cavuto Doesn't Challenge Fiorina’s Business Record Or Questionable Statements About Stimulus

Reported by Ellen - June 19, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

We concede that Your World With Neil Cavuto is not part of what Fox News considers its objective news shows. But it is supposed to be a financial show hosted by the Senior Vice President of Business News on Fox News Channel. So there’s no excuse for that same anchor to host GOP Senate candidate and former head of Hewlett-Packard Co. Carly Fiorina and not ask anything about her business record. Unless that same anchor was so interested in promoting Fiorina’s candidacy that he didn’t want to bring up any unpleasantries such as (as Think Progress and Political Correction have reported) Fiorina getting ousted from the company she led, that she was named one of the worst CEO’s ever by Portfolio.com and that her former company has benefitted from the stimulus package while she’s been out on the stump complaining that it has done little for private business.

In fact, Cavuto didn’t discuss business at all with Fiorina. The first topic was criticizing the Obama administration over Arizona’s new immigration law. Then they moved on to criticizing the Obama administration over the BP oil spill disaster and criticizing the Obama administration over cap and trade.

But Cavuto did make a point of helping to put Fiorina's business background in a good light by asking, what she thought of Jerry Brown’s comment about business executives suddenly running for political office: “Do you hire somebody who’s never spent one day, barely voted, and now says, ‘Hey, I woke up one morning, I’ve got this money, I think I’ll be governor.’” Brown was talking about his political opponent, Meg Whitman, but it was obviously analogous to Fiorina. That was the extent of the "balance" during the entire segment.

“How would Jerry Brown know what the lessons of business are to government?” Fiorina preened, probably secure in the knowledge her flaws would be airbrushed out of any Fox News picture. “When our most important issue in California is the creation of jobs, I think it’s quite helpful to have someone in the U.S. Senate… who actually knows where jobs come from.”

That would have been the perfect moment for a “fair and balanced” host not just to discuss Fiorina’s controversial record at H-P but to point out that while she may know where jobs come from, she also knows where they go. During her tenure as H-P head, she laid off approximately 18,000 workers.

Instead, Cavuto said, “It’s always good seeing you.”

“Great to see you,” she said cheerfully.

Of course it was.

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