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Hannity Suggests Obama Sabotaging BP Oil Spill Cleanup Because He’s “Beholden” To Environmentalists

Reported by Ellen - June 18, 2010 -

Sean Hannity was a picture of Hanctimonious hypocrisy last night (6/17/10) as he whined about the politicization of the BP oil spill disaster and then discussed almost nothing but the politics of the oil spill for the entire show. After having “proved” to his audience – in his mind, anyway – that he was only concerned about other people politicizing, Hannity attacked environmentalists for “pushing” BP offshore and blocking the use of burning and chemical dispersants once the spill happened. Then, with no evidence whatsoever, Hannity asked, “Do you think there’s another hidden agenda here that the president is so beholden to them that he doesn’t…” Hannity didn't finish the sentence, as though the thought was just too awful to mention.

At the beginning of the segment, Hannity showed clips from the BP hearing earlier in the day. He said with disgust, “Democrats were not about to let this moment in the spotlight slip away without doing a little bit of grandstanding.” Funny how he completely overlooked Joe Barton’s grandstanding apology to BP (now revoked).

Hannity offered no report on the cleanup progress or the effects of the spill. It was all politics of the spill. Instead of calling on either an oil or environmental expert, Hannity called on Newt Gingrich as his lead-off guest. What expertise does Gingrich have in this area? None, that I can see. But that didn’t stop him from opining on the subject.

Hannity did a bit of hypocritical grandstanding, himself, as he complained, “None of this grandstanding is gonna help plug the damn hole and none of this is gonna clean up the gulf, save jobs, save tourism, save fishing. So I found this whole exercise today, frankly, obnoxious.”

Not so obnoxious that he wasn’t willing to spend time attacking the Democrats over it, of course.

Sure enough, Gingrich brought nothing but politics, and mostly attack politics, to the discussion. Speaking of the claim fund to be set up by BP, Gingrich said, “Is the president really gonna appoint a political crony to run this compensation fund? I mean, has America degenerated into a Venezuelan-style country where the leader gets to pick somebody to hand out $20 billion and we think that’s not going to be corrupt?… This is the kind of stuff that’s going to convince every major business in the world to avoid the United States.”

With more laughable hypocrisy, Hanity said, “We’ve got to be fair and objective here.”

By which he meant that he wanted to make sure the Obama administration shared enough of the blame. “Gross negligence… or malfeasance, that burden would also be on the government, too, would it not?”

But all that was not enough politicization for Hannity. At the 8:11 mark in the video, he said to Gingrich, “Do you agree with me… the biggest problem we have here is that the environmental movement that pushed us offshore because we couldn’t drill in ANWR or in shallower waters, the environmental movement that wouldn’t allow us to burn, which was pre-approved, they wouldn’t allow chemical dispersments (sic). We couldn’t put aside our political differences to allow the Dutch skimmers that would have taken out 20,000 tons of sludge a day, probably from the first week moving forward (Hannity “forgot” to mention that there are 8 Norwegian skimmers currently operating), do you think that they’re controlling everything here. Do you think there’s another hidden agenda here that the president is so beholden to them that he doesn’t…” Hannity paused.

Gingrich said, “No! I think this is just pure incompetence.”

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