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Fox & Friends Solicits For Arizona Immigration Law Defense Donations?

Reported by Priscilla - June 17, 2010 -

Fox News hearts the Arizona immigration law. It’s not just the Fox “opinion” folks who defend it at every opportunity; but newsies, like Megyn Kelly have no problem showing their support. So it’s not surprising that the three pals, on Fox & Friends, would have no problem pimping contributions, to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, which are helping her fight those evil, libruls who are challenging the law and who, according to Steve Doocy, are telling “gigantic lies” about how the law could generate more racial profiling. Fox News had an article about this on their website; and the AM amigos did their best to spread the word.

H/T Media Matters

Former Miss America Gretchen Carlson (who would never be asked for her “papers” in Arizona), in speaking about the $20,000 which has been raised, breathlessly said that she was “surprised” that the figure “wasn’t more.” (Guess Gretch’s estimate of American bigotry was too low!). She speculated that it was because people “don’t know” that they can contribute. In order to support her “surprise,” she even cited a poll which showed that 58% of Americans support the law. Of course, she didn’t cite the poll numbers for American Hispanics who, overwhelmingly, oppose it. She also didn’t note that in May, support for the Arizona law was up around 73%. Former weather guy Steve Doocy (who would never be asked for his “papers” in Arizona) said that Gretchen was correct in assuming that people didn’t know about the fund. He surmised that if folks knew about this, $20,000 could be raised “today or tomorrow.”

Comment: So now you know. Send money. Fox & Friends is counting on you!