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Neil Cavuto Attacks The Democrats’ Green Agenda – Just Because

Reported by Guest Blogger - June 16, 2010 -

Guest blogged by Brian

Neil Cavuto was obviously in a bad mood yesterday (6/15/10) or maybe he’s just anti-green energy. But he repeatedly interrupted and criticized Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar as she tried to discuss President Obama’s expected push for green energy in his upcoming address about the BP oil spill disaster. It was hard to know what, exactly, was bugging Cavuto. First, he complained that the president was “ using” the crisis to “go on a tangent” of trying to promote a green agenda. And then he complained that green energy won’t work. He seemed barely interested in the substance of what Klobuchar had to say.

Cavuto asked, "The idea pushing in a 14 minute address this green stuff, is tonight the opportunity to do it?"

Klobuchar said it’s “important” that the president “uses this moment.” She continued, “It didn't happen after 9/11, when the American people were united about not only going after the people that caused that terrorist act but also repairing New York... I think there also could've been a moment just like there is now where we say, ‘OK, how can we address this energy problem so we have more homegrown energy? That we look at more diverse energy sources, everything from wind to solar to nuclear.'"

Cavuto didn’t argue that but changed his complaint to, "Every time we do this, whatever the merits… we keep trying, we keep failing… Whether it's this disaster or something else, it never registers. Maybe because there's just not a market for it."

Then Cavuto went back to complaint number one: "Won't Americans listening to that say here you go again, taking something like this, and taking advantage of it?" He never explained what was so bad about that.

Klobuchar answered, "I think the American people have realized for a long time… that we can't keep spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on foreign oil, that drilling will be a piece of this. It's got to be done safer, but that there also is something that we haven't done, and that is put the research that we should be into biofuels."

So Cavuto switched back to Complaint Number Two: "If wind and solar and all these other things were such great life changing events, you’d think there would be a… rush to them, but we never see it."

Klobuchar said, "Investors are waiting for some kind of sign that there's some incentives in place to focus on these alternatives."

Cavuto never explained what was wrong with Obama seizing this moment to make an alternative energy pushed. He never argued that wind and solar would not work, just that they have not been more widely adopted – as if that’s somehow proof that it’s a useless effort. Maybe he was just in a bad mood. Or maybe it’s just that on Fox News, any Democratic proposal is to be denigrated, even when you can’t figure out a good reason.