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Steve Doocy Pimps GOP Candidate Who Supports Fox Meme of Tea Party “Marginalization”

Reported by Priscilla - June 15, 2010 -

Fox & Friends has never seen a teabagger that they didn’t love. Be it patriotic crooners, makers of teabagging ready to wear, or teabagging political candidates, they are all shown due deference on a show that is part of the Fox News love of all things teabag. And as part of their allegiance to the Tea Party movement, Fox & Friends defends its teabagging friends from the slings and arrows of those who would denigrate them. Yesterday, Fox & Friends conducted an astoundingly “softball” (and uninformed) interview of Tea Party supported, Republican candidate for US Senate, Sharron Angle. Steve Doocy presented the propaganda message for the day in the form of a question to Angle: “a lot of the mainstream press try to marginalize the Tea Party. They shouldn’t, should they.” Lesson is that the nasty, librul press is trying to “marginalize” the sainted teabaggers and that’s just wrong! And this lesson was reinforced in Doocy’s interview with Joel Pollak, Republican candidate for US the US House position currently held by Democrat Jan Schakowsky. Why is Fox trying to “rehabilitate” the Tea Party? Does this have something to do with the upcoming Chris Matthews special on the radical right – a documentary that includes teabaggers. Methinks they doth protest too much?

Doocy began the segment by referencing accusations of racism directed toward the Tea Party. He whined, “you’ve seen the allegations of racism that surrounded the Tea Party for many months, however our next guest, who is running for Congress, is a practicing Jew and is backed by the Tea Party and he says that couldn’t be farther from the truth.” The chyron read “Tea Party Controversy, Allegations of Racism and Homophobia.” Doocy articulated the “lesson” – “I just alluded to the fact” (“Fact??”) “that many times in the mainstream media what they’ve tried to do is, as been analyzed by others” (“Others??”) “they’ve tried to marginalize” (he shouted “marginalize”) “by saying you know ‘we’ve gone to those rallies and those people are racist, holding up crazy signs and their lunatics.’ You know the Tea Party people, is that true?” (I think we know what the answer will be!). Pollack said that the teabaggers are “from all walks of life” and share a concern for out of control spending and overreach of government.” Video of angry white teabaggers was shown. Pollack then said that there was an “extremist” recently at a Democratic fundraiser who was none other than Helen Thomas raising money for Jan Schakowsky. Doocy said “sure” to Pollak’s smear of Thomas. Doocy wanted to know why “the media is portraying the Tea Party people in that way?” Pollack must have been reading from the Fox script because he said that it was because the media wants to “marginalize” them. Funny, Doocy used the word “marginalize” with Angle. Doocy wanted to know about people in the mainstream media who say that the Tea Partiers don’t like Obama because he’s African American because “that’s not the case, they just don’t like his spending policies.” He asked Pollak if that was “more accurate.” Naturally, Pollak agreed and claimed that the media accuses the Tea Party of being “marginal extremists” when they threaten congressional office holders. A true ROFLMAO moment of astounding irony when Pollak claimed that this was a “propaganda ploy.” (And this isn’t!)

Comment: Teabaggers are so mainstream that 30% of them don’t think Barack Obama was born in the USA as opposed to 20% of the rest of the population. 25% think that Obama favors blacks over whites as opposed to 11% of the rest of the population. 40% say that there should be no recognition of gay relationships as opposed to 30% of the rest. 52% say Roe was a bad thing as opposed to 34% of the rest. And a whopping 52% say that too much attention has been made of problems facing blacks as opposed to 28% of the rest. And despite what Pollak claims about the diversity of the Tea Party, only 1% are Jews and only 5% identify as Democrats. And only 1% is black. (Stats from the NY Times survey) But hey, the Tea Party is American as apple pie. That we know because Fox & Friends tells us so! Oh, and Doocy didn’t say if he invited Pollak’s opponent to come on Fox…

No racism here. They just don't like his spending policies!