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Sean Hannity Still Salivating For Obama’s Impeachment?

Reported by Ellen - June 15, 2010 -

No doubt disappointed that President Obama does not seem likely to be impeached over the Joe Sestak matter, hope may have sprung eternal for Sean Hannity nevertheless now that he's got the BP oil spill as the latest excuse to vilify Obama. And I couldn't help but detect a note of longing last night (6/14/10) as Hannity said he “almost” felt as though Obama “has been criminally negligent” in his response to the BP oil spill.

In a discussion with Dick Morris, Hannity and Morris each attacked Obama for supposedly turning down international help with the oil spill (Media Matters has debunked that accusation here). At about 2 minutes into the video below, Hannity said, “When I read this Houston Chronicle story, about the Dutch (offering assistance with the oil spill),… when I learned that others offered to build the barriers to protect our wetlands, etc., etc., I almost feel like this president has been criminally negligent in terms of protecting jobs and the environment.”

Unfortunately for Hannity, Morris did not take that hint, the way he did with Sestak. Can there be any doubt that Hannity would serve the legal papers himself if he could possibly come up with something, anything to trump up into charges, probably with the full support and resources of Fox News?

But without a hint of irony, Hannity continued, “There’s a level of unhinged immaturity, that he (Obama) wants to blame and lash out and follow direction from Spike Lee.”

Could Hannity be any more of a pot calling a kettle black? Here are just a few of Hannity's unhinged, immature attacks on Obama since he took office:

On 4/15/10, Hannity and Oliver North discussed Obama's "core philosophy of being anti-American."

Last February, Hannity obsessed over Obama's mispronunciation of the words "corpsman."

In 2008, Hannity overlooked Obama's criticisms of the Million Man March in order to paint him as some kind of bigoted soulmate of Louis Farrakhan.

In May, Hannity "asked" if Obama should "step aside."

Just a few weeks later, Hannity was anticipating that Sestak would be the new Watergate as he crowed, more than asked, "What did the president know and when did he know it?"

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