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Hannity And Fox News: On Air Campaign Headquarters For Sharron Angle

Reported by Ellen - June 15, 2010 -

Fox News should have considered plastering a big “Sharron Angle For Senate” sign on the set of last night’s Hannity (6/14/10) as first, Dick Morris made a direct fundraising pitch on her behalf and then Sean Hannity brought on the candidate herself for another infomercial, ending with a fundraising pitch. Hannity also offered suggestions, disguised as questions, about her campaign strategy. This, not long after Fox & Friends offered their best efforts to whitewash Angle's record and give her candidacy a boost.

First, Hannity happily granted Angle’s wish that he offer to host a debate between her and her Democratic opponent, Harry Reid.

If I had my druthers, I’d urge Reid to accept the debate challenge under the condition that Sarah Palin debate Joe McGinnis on MSNBC.

Hannity left unchallenged Angle’s misleading statement that she wants to save Social Security and Medicare – without noting that her plan to “save” it is to privatize it. Then Hannity offered a number of negative talking points about Reid and suggested asked, “Now that he’s opened the door to negative campaigning, are these things that you might use in the campaign against him?”

While Hannity spoke, the “fair and balanced” banner on the screen read, “Prince Harry Reid’s opponent Sharron Angle on Senate race.”

Hannity continued, suggesting that asking if Angle might have to “fight fire with fire” in her campaign because “There’s a lot of controversial quotes that you could use about him.” The banner on the screen now read, “Sharron Angle leading in polls over Sen. Harry Reid.”

As Angle answered, she got in a little fundraising pitch of her own. “We have the right Angle to defeat Harry Reid,” and then added the name of her fundraising website.

As the banner read, “Meet the candidate challenging Sen. Harry Reid this November,” Hannity suggested her primary win reflected the Tea Party’s strength (she was backed by them) while neglecting to mention the implosion of Angle’s “Chickens for Checkups” GOP opponent. “You came up in the final weeks of this campaign and won by a significant margin,” Hannity said approvingly.

Hannity next helped Angle combat the “Where’s Sharron?” meme that the Democrats started in response to her unwillingness to do interviews. “It’s obvious the media wants to attack you,” Hannity said sympathetically. “Are you gonna give them what they want? Are you gonna go on their shows or are you gonna run your campaign locally?”

“You may have heard that I’ve been dodging the media,” Angle laughed. “But I actually have been doing five to seven interviews with folks that can really help me. Every day, I’m on somebody’s talk show.” She forgot to mention - as did Hannity - that those "somebodies" were friendly conservatives.

In other words, Angle, who supposedly wants to represent all of Nevada, is only willing to talk to those who “can really help” her. Not that Hannity seemed to care.

Angle continued by maneuvering the discussion to a fundraising pitch. “My message is, you may not be able to vote for me, Sean, but you can send money.” She repeated the name of her website.

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