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Glenn Beck Advises How To Survive The Coming Global Social Unrest: Have Faith In America, Yourself And God

Reported by Ellen - June 14, 2010 -

Co-authored by Democritus

On last Monday’s (6/7/10) episode of Glenn Beck, our fantastically misinforming (or propagandistic) host talked about how entitlements have not only crashed our economy but are now leading us inexorably, in Beck’s mind, to global social unrest. “Everything will be OK in the end,” Beck assured his viewers. “But you have to know the truth.” He meant, of course, the truth as he alone sees it.

Rather than just make an argument for less government spending, drama queen Beck tried to terrify his viewers into believing that government and labor unions are pitted against ordinary people in a power grab destined to lead to global warfare. Despite Fox News' "we report, you decide" motto, Beck neatly overlooked the role that the private sector has played in our economic woes.

Beck gave one of his simplistic, chalkboard analyses of our economy: “The politicians are demanding that they bail out the teachers union and the cops because they’ve got pensions that they can't afford. Who made the deal: (Beck pointed on the board to the politicians and the labor unions). Who loses: (he pointed to the teachers and cops) and you.”

In his serious voice, Beck said, “We are going to be pitted against each other…”

Then Beck hit his audience with a big one. “…The government is going to raise the taxes on you. The labor unions, who are in bed with the government, when you say no, will start civil unrest. We're already seeing it in Greece. The government will then blame it on you… This is the end game, gang. And the only loser is you.”

Beck continued gravely, “They’re also trying to convince you that spending more… is the way to go. There are forces who want to gain more international power and control. And then there is you.” Beck sighed theatrically. “The global elite don’t have faith in you. The government can’t… They can’t say this to you… Our founders had faith in you. I have faith in you. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in your neighbors. Have faith in the principles that started this country… Have faith in God. He will never abandon us. Ever.”

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