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Fox & Friends Provide "Exclusive" Propaganda Platform For "Mainstream" (?!) Candidate Sharron Angle

Reported by Priscilla - June 14, 2010 -

Republican Sharron Angle, the darling of the “Tea Party,” has been hiding from the press. But she has emerged from whatever right wing rock she was hiding under and is seeing her shadow on Fox & Friends – her first TV interview since her victory in the Nevada Republican primary. Not surprisingly, the chums provided warm and cozy affirmation and validation to this teabagging candidate – and in the process got to score some propaganda points of their own.

The little pals introduced their segment as an “exclusive.” Former Miss America, Gretchen Carlson, could hardly contain her excitement and spoke in almost hushed tones as she introduced Ms. Angle. I had to chuckle when Angle knocked down Gretch’s first agitprop point – that Angle hasn’t been in politics before. Angle corrected her with an account of her political experience. Angle wasted no time in asking for campaign contributions to be sent to her website. Gretch had a good chuckle at that one. Angle did a little campaign speech and referred to Harry Reid’s “Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals playbook.” (Funny, the Tea Party has admitted to taking a page from Alinksy!). She mentioned that Nevada has the highest rate of foreclosure and the highest bankruptcy rate. (Funny, Nevada has a Republican Governor) She claimed that Harry Reid “has failed.” Former weatherguy Steve Doocy got in the first Fox agitprop point of the day when he talked about how Angle has been supported by the Tea Party. He said “a lot of the mainstream press try to marginalize the Tea Party. They shouldn’t, should they.” Angle did a little homily about how the Tea Party is “mainstream” and the “silent majority.” Video of angry teabaggers was shown while she spoke. She cited her endorsements from groups like the Nevada home school network, Gun Owners of America, and Nevada Concerned Citizens. (Real Mainstream there! – Nevada Concerned Citizens is a homophobic right wing group that opposes domestic partner benefits for Nevada state workers. They led an effort to ban gay marriage in Nevada)

Gretch mentioned “how many conservative women seemed to be front and center on primary day last week.” Everyone chuckled when Angle said that (Republican) Rep. Marsha Blackburn called her and said that it was time for the “gals” to “take on the good old boys.” Kilmeade asked her if she was concerned about Harry Reid’s money and experience. She said that she takes nothing for granted. She claimed that Reid calls himself “the Obama Whisperer” and that certainly helps her. (Funny – the only references to Reid and “Obama Whisperer” are in web articles on right wing sites which quote Angle as saying that. In fact, according to “Right Pundits,” appearing on the Rush Limbaugh program with guest host Mark Beling, Republican Senate Candidate Sharron Angle dubbed Harry Reid, Obama’s whisperer.” So are we witnessing the creation of a right wing myth?) Doocy asked her if she wanted to get rid of Social Security. She claimed that “was nonsense” and she “always said that we need to make the locked box a locked box. Put money in there for our senior citizens. They came here in good faith paying into a system that Harry Reid has put an IOU in. For 24 years he has been raiding Social Security and what we need to do is personalize Social Security and Medicare so that the government can no longer raid it.” (WTF!!?? – that’s getting rid of Social Security and Medicare). Naturally that’s when the interview ended so no follow up question (not that there would have been one!) could happen. Doocy claimed that they asked Harry Reid to “sit on the couch” but he declined. Angle “asked” Harry Reid to “come on Fox & Friends and debate with me.”

Comment: Too bad Doocy didn’t ask her about her other policy positions which, interestingly, got scrubbed from her website after her victory – like withdrawing from the United Nations, abolishing the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency. She once spoke out against fluoride as a Communist plot. She has suggested making the consumption of alcohol illegal (way to win Vegas votes!). She proposed a bill which would require a doctor to inform a woman, seeking an abortion, of the mythical link between abortion and breast cancer. She supports federal legislation that would outlaw same sex marriage. (Nevada’s other senator, Republican John Ensign, believes in one dude and a little bootay on the side) She supports the radical, right wing "Oath Keepers" - soldiers and police who take an oath to refuse unlawful orders like putting citizens in concentration camp. (Now that's mighty mainstream!) She supported Scientology linked legislation to allow state funded massages for prisoners. One wonders what career gal, Gretchen Carlson, would think of Angle’s comment, “Right now, we say in a traditional home one parent stays home with the children and the other provides the financial support for that family.” Perhaps Ms. Angle will have an opportunity to explain her very, non-mianstream views – but don’t look for that on Fox & Friends.

Addendum: Respected Nevada journalist, John Ralston described the Fox & Friends interview as "softball." He said that the Fox & Friends hosts didn't challenge Angle on anything and "didn't seem to know who she is or who endorsed her." Ralston was "appalled" and scoffed at the idea that there would be any Fox follow-up.