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Beck Attacks Obama For Not Meeting With BP Head. So Why Is Beck Still Ducking Jim Wallis?

Reported by Ellen - June 14, 2010 -

In his weekly visit to The O’Reilly Factor Friday (6/11/10), Glenn Beck opined that President Obama’s “kick ass” comment was not just wrong, it was some kind of proof that he’s a Van-Jones-loving commie. Beck also said that Obama’s failure to meet with BP chief Tony Hayward is “akin to racism, except it’s capitalism.” So what should we call Beck’s refusal to debate Rev. Jim Wallis after making far worse comments about him? Anti-Christianity? Bill O’Reilly didn’t go there but he was pretty darned funny as he repeatedly needled Beck over his obsessions with Woodrow Wilson and Jones, among other things. “This is why you’re an interesting guy,” O’Reilly told Beck. “You see things that I don’t see… I’m not saying you’re wrong. There’s a one in 75,000 chance you’re right.”

I can’t help but wonder, does O’Reilly really disdain Beck, as it sometimes seems, or is this a savvy schtick that distances himself from the more radioactive side of Beck while, at the same time, palling around with him?

You can contact Beck and ask him to man up to a debate with Wallis via glennbeck@foxnews.com

or me@glennbeck.com. You can contact The Factor at oreilly@foxnews.com.

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