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Fox News Guest Calls Wal-Mart An “Instrument For Socialism”

Reported by Guest Blogger - June 10, 2010 -

Guest blogged by Brian

Wal-Mart is the top corporation in the Fortune 500 yet Fox News guest Peter Flaherty, of the National Legal and Policy Center, appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto last week (6/4/10) and, with a straight face, complained that the corporation is an “instrument for socialism" because the company supports health care reform and cap and trade.

According to guest host Connell McShane, Flaherty had given Wal-Mart an “earful” at the annual meeting. McShane asked, "What's the big deal? Who cares? Why are you so angry about that?"

Flaherty replied that Wal-Mart is now an "instrument for socialism.” He continued, “We argued today that the legacy of this company has been betrayed. It started under the former CEO Lee Scott, and has continued with Mike Duke. It's bad for customers… because Sam Walton was one of the greatest entrepreneurs this country had ever seen. ...Now we have Wal-Mart supporting these socialist schemes, which is going to lead to a situation where we're like Europe. We have big government and big business in bed, and, of course, ordinary people are going to get the shaft."

To his credit, McShane challenged Flaherty. "When the word socialism, don’t you think you lose some people on that? …That's a stretch, no?"

Flaherty thought not. "What in the world is Wal-Mart doing supporting a takeover of one sixth of the economy in terms of health care? And what in the world is it doing supporting cap and trade, which will jack electric rates 90%, destroy a million jobs, and detract $10 trillion from our GDP over the next 25 years? For heavens sakes!"

"What are you pushing for, though?” McShane asked. “You want them to stop supporting these efforts or you just want to get your voice heard? Will it accomplish anything at the end of the day?"

Flaherty answered, “We were there to make a point today.” He added that Wal-Mart is trying to "appease left wing activists and corrupt unions like the Service Employees International Union."

Comment: McShane did a good job of being truly fair and balanced and not pandering to Flaherty, as Neil Cavuto would almost surely have done. But the fact that this guy was treated seriously indicates Fox News will find almost any guest acceptable, so long as he's against Obama's policies.

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