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Why Does Fox News Continue To Give Credibility To Palin's Oil Spill Punditry?

Reported by Ellen - June 9, 2010 -

Sarah ”Bailin'” Palin's recent conspiracy theory about President Obama and oil industry money has been completely debunked – by her own Fox News colleagues, too, no less – yet Fox News continues to offer the ex-half-term governor from Alaska a platform from which to lecture Obama about how to handle the spill. Today, America Live with Megyn Kelly probed further Palin's latest Facebook jottings as though they contained serious policy implications. Somehow Kelly forgot all about Palin's debunked conspiracy theory and allowed her to present her latest “thoughts,” that Obama should meet with the head of BP in order to solve the problem.

“It does help to have some executive experience,” Palin jabbed, as though she had actually completed her one term as governor. Kelly, not surprisingly, did not remind anyone.

Meanwhile, the same woman who, just a few weeks previously, was accusing Obama of being too much in bed with BP was now attacking him for keeping his distance. Kelly didn't seem to notice that inconsistency either.

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